Spiritual Support Series

Experience powerful support from Shanta Gabriel as a Way-shower on your Ascension Journey

Would you like to feel more support as we move back into a new world after sheltering in Grace?

How would you feel if you were living your highest soul's reality?

Are you a physical being having a spiritual experience, or a spiritual being having a physical one?


No matter how you are feeling about your time of physical isolation, the frequencies of Divine Light are the highest they have ever been. We are at a spiritual choice point as we tenderly move back into the world.

Where is your focus of attention?

When the frequencies of Light are this powerful, they can activate our consciousness in ways that create permanent change.

We have a unique opportunity to create more connection with the energetic frequencies of the Fifth Dimension that are active in the world now. These 5D frequencies act very differently than 3D. Learning to adapt is the most resourceful thing we can do right now.

It is also important to feel supported while life adjustments are being made. Even the advanced technology of a rocket going to the moon needs to be brought back into alignment from time to time.

Together, we will create opportunities for growth, new ideas and spiritual practices that can fit gracefully into your life. Our time will be prayerful and practical, and oriented in a way that brings more connection to your inner spirit so you feel on track with your greater soul purpose.

Alignment with Your Soul Purpose

Your greater soul purpose is to create Unity Consciousness within you and in the world. This means literally no separation between your inner spiritual world and your outer worldly life. The intention of Spiritual Support Sessions is to assist you in bringing all the areas of your life into harmony with your inner spirit. When you achieve this level of alignment, it allows you to live your life with more awareness, authenticity and well-being.

Each Spiritual Support Session includes an intuitive reading to receive guidance from the Angels and masters working with us. We also explore the theme for your life at this time and what is blocking your intentions. Together, we will create ways that work for you to have an active, functional spiritual practice that can fit gracefully into your life. Our time will be prayerful and practical, and oriented in a way that brings you more connection to your inner spirit.

I have found my spiritual practice to be the most important thing I can do for more inner peace and happiness. The spiritual practice you create as a part of our work together will lead you to opportunities to create a transformational life more in harmony with your intentions for balance, happiness and peace.

How to Begin

Purchase your Spiritual Support Series below. Each session lasts one hour or more. To have lasting results, this series is set up for a 6-week connection. It is recommended that they be from one to two weeks apart. With each session you will feel more empowered and more aligned with your Soul's highest purpose.

After you sign up for this three-session series, you then send me your life intentions by email. Please bring every area of your life into awareness so they can be empowered while on my altar during our sessions.

All outer manifestation begins with inner alignment with higher frequencies of energy to create more harmony within yourself. This allows you to align with your intentions so that creative solutions will abound in every area of your life. Through these spiritual processes and private support, you will be led into connection with the most sacred, divine part of yourself so you can trust your intuition.

The emptiness most people feel is a calling from the soul to be filled with Light. It is the purpose of any devotional form of spiritual practice to experience a personal connection with God. Through a series of Spiritual Support Sessions, you will be able to feel more love and less separation from Source energy in every area of your life.

If you choose to experience only one session at this time, you can purchase one session at a special price for until April 17.  From there, if you decide you want more sessions, your one-time fee can be applied to your series.

 If you have questions, please contact me at shanta@shantagabriel.com.

Spiritual Support Series - Three Sessions
Spiritual Support Series - Three Sessions
Price: $555.00
Price: $444.00

Spiritual Support Session
Spiritual Support Session
Price: $185.00
Price: $125.00

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