The Holiday Anusthan 2022
December 10-15

Join in a simple group spiritual practice for the Holy Days ahead

to inspire Peace on Earth and Good Will within all Beings!



A Spiritual Practice to Make
Your Holidays More Holy


Make Ready to Enjoy the Blessings of the Holidays


Do you experience the holiday season as stressful or overwhelming? Would you like to have the Holy Days feel more enjoyable and significant?

Join our sacred practice to bring Peace on Earth and Good Will to All Beings and bless your own holiday season!


In 2016, feeling overwhelmed by the holidays looming ahead, I decided to do a spiritual practice and dedicate a higher intention for the season. I invited people to join me. Surprisingly over a hundred people became a part of that first group spiritual practice, or what my guru called an Anusthan (a Sanskrit word for a dedicated spiritual practice done over a certain period of time for a dedicated purpose).

It made my holidays so much brighter and more meaningful that I have done it every year since then. I have also committed to doing a group spiritual practice every season on Equinox and Solstice. This Holiday Anusthan is our Solstice practice to welcome the new Light onto the Earth.

Even though it was a new idea, amazingly, people responded to the practice with words like Wonderful, Loving this time, Very Holy. That was my experience as well. I found there was a special gift available when I turned my attention away from the prospect of how much I needed to do, and just immersed myself in sacred spiritual practice. As a bonus, it was one of the best holiday seasons I had in years.

Before you decide you can't do one more thing before the holidays because that will feel overwhelming, don't worry. You get to choose how much time and focus you have to spend on your spiritual practice. Even 20 minutes will give back so much meaning and purpose that you will be amazed.

I am introducing a simple spiritual practice, called an Anusthan.

This may be a new concept for most Westerners, but it can be a powerful balm for the intensity of daily life during the holiday season.

An Anusthan is a dedicated spiritual practice that we each do at our own timing, but dedicate as a group for a specific period of time. My guru taught this practice at our ashram starting in 1978. I have done it numerous times since and it always gives me a powerful boost that fills me with spiritual strength.

This video is an introduction to the Holiday Anusthan. I speak about how a group spiritual practice came into being. Q&A is at the end of the recording. If you have any questions about the practice, please feel free to email me at


Our dedicated Anusthan takes place December 10 - 15.

Each day you will do a simple mantra or affirmation with prayers dedicated to Peace on Earth and Good Will within all Humanity.

This powerful dedicated intention will not only fill your heart and spiritual practice, it will radiate into the world. You can add this mantra into your regular individual practice, or start a new one. Even though this is a very simple thing to do, it is a very powerful practice multiplied by the energy of this heart-centered group.

For centuries Eastern tradition has offered a sanctuary away from worldly life in order for a person to find a place of peace within. In these ashrams each person is supported by the group to fulfill their intentions. The efficacy of group practice has been proven over centuries, and now with the blessing of modern technology, we can gather in dedicated purpose for a short period of spiritual practice together.

"I am signing up for Anusthan, and I have joined you twice for this wonderful practice. I can't wait to join your group every morning - such a beautiful practice."

"I am so glad you are going to continue the Anusthan so those of us who want to help the world have a support group and focused cause. It can be very lonely when you feel like you're the only one you know who wants to work energetically to create a better world."

"Your writing and messages are magnificent!! Each day, I can't wait to read what you have sent ... this is the most ALIVE writing!"

Sound interesting? Join our Holiday Anusthan!

Upon registration, you will receive an e-book that gives you choices of spiritual practices, prayers and mantras that you can do. You can choose practices that are most appealing to your own heart and for the amount of time you can spend. The dedication of the group intention together empowers even the simplest practice.

Why Mantras?

Sanskrit Mantras will help raise your vibrational frequency and are proven helpful in scientific research for a number of things. Check out this message below from Kelly Brogan, MD – called Change Your Life in 12 Minutes.

Mind, Body & Soul Transformation
You'd probably think I was running an infomercial if I told you about a simple intervention that:

  • Reverses memory loss
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Up regulates positive genes
  • Down regulates inflammatory genes
  • Reduces stress in patient and caregiver
  • Improves psychological and spiritual well being
  • Activates significant anatomical areas of the brain
  • Increases Telemerase, the rejuvenating enzyme that slows cell aging, by 43%, the largest ever recorded
  • No side effects, no cost...especially if I told you the intervention takes 12 minutes out of your 1440-minute day.

Each day, we will sit in our own timing in our personal sacred space and raise our frequencies through our spiritual practice as a group.

And each day you will also receive a beautiful message from Archangel Gabriel (who famously revealed a special message to Mary, and continues that practice with us). I will also give you  an update from me about how my Anusthan is going. I will share any comments and photos from the group also. It makes it very special when we see the altars and messages from people all over the world! Information about creating sacred space and an altar for your spiritual practice is provided in the e-book .

As a group Anusthan, my intention is for us to do a spiritual practice together that is dedicated to Peace on Earth and Good Will within All Beings.

As a bonus, the Light of Divine Love will birth in your heart to bring more Joy into your holiday season as well!

Spiritual Practices

Ritual is stimulating to your inner spirit. Our inner child responds to the beauty and mystery inherent in a spiritual practice. A spiritual ritual that we do every day encourages gratitude and alignment with our Higher Selves and the Divine working in our lives. This ritual provides an immediate sensation of peace, love and heightened awareness that you can take into your daily life.

To birth new Light within our hearts and create Peace on Earth and Good Will within all humanity, I am asking that we all set aside some time to focus on our group Anusthan. This can be as little as 20 minutes or less, or it can be longer according to your schedules.

It’s your spiritual practice, so any time that works best for you is your time.

Keep the basic practice that you do every day the same, and then you can add things if you have time, or if you already have a spiritual practice, you can rededicate that to our group intention. Know that waking up 20-30 minutes earlier will not make you any more tired during the day. In fact, research has shown that 10 minutes of meditation is equal to an hour of sleep.

When you go to the same place at the same time every day, power builds in the space and within you. Science calls this Conditioning. Very soon, the minute you sit down, you can feel yourself growing more relaxed and ready to meditate. You will feel the frequency of your energy field uplifted, and you can attune yourself more easily with a higher state of inner wisdom. I have a light cotton shawl and a woolen one that I have been using for years in my spiritual practice, depending on the weather. As soon as I wrap one around my shoulders, I can feel myself sinking into a connected state for meditation. It is rather magical.

Ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle every day with the intention to bring more light into your life. It is a gift we give ourselves that can fill our “love cup” every day. When we take the simple steps of conscious breathing, prayer, and attunement—even if we only have five minutes of quiet meditation time—we become in harmony with the universal flow of life.

In your E-book, you will find English and Sanskrit phrases for you to choose from. Please choose one or two to say every day at least 7-21 times. You can choose to do more, but make sure that you do the same ones every day and you do not create a burden on yourself. The idea is to make it very simple for you to do this practice in the midst of your daily life before the holidays begin.

The Anusthan Guidelines booklet includes instructions for:

  • Creating an Intention for the Day
  • Traditional Guidelines Regarding Spiritual Practice
  • Information About Creating a Sacred Space
  • An Every Day Sample Practice
  • Mantra Yoga (a sacred sound vibration that will raise your frequency)
  • Mantras and Phrases Suggestions (English & Sanskrit)
  • Walking Mantras
  • Advanced Mantras to join in my personal Spiritual Practice

I will send a special energy transmission  to you for the mantras during our meditation. In addition, I will be checking in during our Anusthan time, and you can also contact me.

To join this wonderful group in spiritual practice in preparation for the holidays and receive the Anusthan Guidelines booklet, I am requesting donations to cover expenses. There is no charge for the spiritual practice itself.

May this spiritual practice bless your holidays and bless your life!

 Comments about previous Anusthans:

I have been doing the Anusthan since the 1st day - very wonderful after a fabulous & exhausting family Thanksgiving! Thank you Dear One for all you do to help us be Lights in the world.


Loving this time/very holy.


I wanted to share with you the profound nature that I am experiencing during the first 3 days of the Anusthan... I don't have words at times to describe other than utter bliss, joy and such deep love that I feel my heart will burst at the beauty of this life...I can't even begin to express my deep gratitude to you and all that are involved in this Anusthan..I feel truly blessed to be a part of this beautiful process.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering the Anusthan practice. I am just loving it and soaking it in and find myself looking forward to the time.    In addition to feeling grounded and uplifted and light filled.


I am so glad you are going to continue the Anusthan so those of us who want to help the world have a support group and focused cause. It can be very lonely when you feel like you're the only one you know who wants to work energetically to create a better world. 

Anusthan for the Holidays 2022
Anusthan for the Holidays 2022
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