The Holiday Anusthan
December 7-13, 2019

Our Group Spiritual Practice to Bring Balance to Your Holiday Season...
and Invite Peace on Earth and Good Will for all Humanity to the Planet.


Throughout centuries, groups have gathered to strengthen their spiritual practices by working together for a special purpose.

Last year an international group gathered to create a spiritual flow that would assist us all in having a holiday season that was happier and less stressful.

After its completion, many reported having an amazing spiritual experience. Not only that, their holidays became more Holy, and their ability to respond positively to the upheaval of the season increased.

Thank you for joining me for this 7-day sacred practice called an Anusthan. Every day of our spiritual practice, we will receive a message from Archangel Gabriel. I will also include a message from me and from those in the group that share their stories and photos. It makes our Anusthan more personal to see and hear from real people who are joining in the same practices.

This group practice will be specially designed by you personally to your own time-frame and desires. I've provided you a detailed guidelines e-book with suggestions for your own spiritual practice. There are Sanskrit mantras as well as English affirmations and prayers to enhance your experience.

When we do this practice together, there is a very special feeling of connection and support. It is why teachers have been creating spiritual communities for centuries in order to provide the special, protected setting that allow students to thrive and advance in their spiritual practice.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions during our Anusthan practice. If you do not receive the daily emails, please contact me at

Your Anusthan Guide (PDF)