Soul Transmission Reading

With Shanta and the Archangels

Your Soul Wants You to Shine!


Let the transmissions from the Archangels empower your Soul!


Shanta GabrielIt is a great honor to channel the presence of the Archangels that can bless your heart and inspire your Soul to claim its Highest Reality.

Whenever I connect with the open heart and mind of the beautiful people I work with, magic happens.

The empowered energy of the Archangels comes in waves of Divine Light carrying Divine Love and Infinite Intelligence. Because of this, we are able to reach a higher frequency very quickly and the work we do together is accelerated.

Experience this amazing transmission yourself — allow your Soul to shine out to the word!

This 30-minute reading will...

  • inspire you about infinite possibilities
  • give you insights from your Soul
  • help you to be more mindful during fast-changing times
  • bring you more hope in a benevolent future
  • encourage lasting change by opening new pathways for your life

Thank you so much for this wonderful and beautiful session. I am feeling this intense energy of love, joy and expansion all around me. Is this the soul transmission? It’s so beautiful ☺️

Thank you dear Shanta for the session yesterday. It was beautiful. Everything you said made sense. I was aware of it all but with your guidance now will certainly implement it.

Shanta is a gifted, creative spiritual counselor with full knowledge of a variety of philosophies and practices. Intuitive, personable, and caring would be her characteristics that I value most. She is the most unintrusive guide through the universe of one’s inner being that I have ever known. Each day, I am gratified to have worked with her, as the 'work' still continues.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and time with me yesterday. I am so very grateful for you and the messages you shared (including the one today). The positive impact of yesterday is immeasurable and has helped bring the clarity and understanding I was seeking. The tools and spiritual practice you identified have given me the gift of direction moving forward.

The reading was such a gift. There is already a lightness in my heart that it is all going to be okay. The level of support was the perfect confirmation to just hold on.

Thank you so much Shanta for the beautiful session. You have helped me incredibly.