Solstice Retreat in Mt. Shasta

After receiving interest in my recent post about the Solstice Ceremony on Mt. Shasta, I decided to expand with more information about the Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat I led with Dharma Cohen on June 20-23.

We created an amazing sacred space in the living room of the China Mountain Retreat House which looked out onto Mt. Shasta. Here is where we led ceremonies, held the teachings and were blessed and entertained.After our opening ceremony, Rhea Summerain closed our first evening with her powerful singing crystal bowls leading us into a beautiful expansive state to start the retreat.

On Saturday, June 21, we headed up the mountain for our Solstice Ceremony. We were blessed with a delicious catered bag lunch that we saved until after. The weather could not have been better, not too hot and definitely not cold.

Here are 8 of the 11 people that blessed our journey.

Looking out onto Unity Field from Gabriel’s Gateway. Here we created a powerful connection from Heaven to Earth and opened out hearts to a new level of intelligence.

On the way back down the mountain, I felt attracted to rest on St. Germaine’s couch. The rocks on Mt. Shasta have a powerful level of ancient consciousness that is very restful and deeply empowering.

In fact we stopped at the Ascension Rocks on the way back down the mountain to enrich our experience with more communion with the stone people. My first experience with these rocks felt as though I was sailing into another dimension on the back of a whale. That was Solstice 2012.

The next day, Sunday June 22, we went for water and climbed up to the sacred falls near Castle Lake. The air felt blessed with negative ions and all of us felt rested by the experience. We came home to another delicious catered meal and then got ready to be entertained and inspired by Kathy Zavada.

Kathy closed the final night of our retreat with heart melting words that inspired and uplifted us. Her music was deeply transportive.

Below is the Angel that came to visit outside the window of the retreat house. If you enlarge it you will see all the colors and the immense stature of this Light being. She was a brilliant reflection of the support and empowering Presence of the Archangels who supported us throughout the 3 days of the retreat.

We were all transformed by the experience and delighted in our time together.

Here is the main center altar. The stones were part of our circle on the mountain for Solstice holding the directions. Outside the bay window is a stunning view of Mt. Shasta, the backdrop for all the teachings.

We shared about the Archangels, crystal grids, Nature’s support and the ABC’s of Quantum Living.

And of course between Dharma and me, we had plenty of wonderful gifts to offer with beautiful healing stones, artwork, meditation cd’s, sacred oils and flower essences, inspired books and cards. It did not feel as though we even scratched the surface of all that we wanted to share. So there is more to come. Part of which will be included the upcoming class, Timeless Practices for Living in Light July 12 leading into the Accessing the Wisdom of the Heart in late July. The Wisdom of the Heart class feels as though it was a direct download following the retreat that came as a result of our Solstice Ceremony.

The Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat at Mt. Shasta was the second one I led in this same house. This one was so radically different from the first one last October that I am excited to see what comes next. What is the same is the power and beauty of the mountain, the sacredness of the ceremonies and the teachings, as well as the powerful support from the Archangels and Nature.

We were all richly blessed.

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