Solstice Ceremony on Mt. Shasta

On the Summer Solstice, June 21, the Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat group gathered at the base of Mt. Shasta in Northern California to begin our task of opening the Stargate of the Heart. Early in the morning we hiked up the mountain to be embraced in the vortex energy that permeates the incredible beauty of the mountain landscape. We stepped on to what we called the “Master’s Mound,” a place of tremendous power. Here we were greeted by an amazingly huge and colorful rainbow around the sun, something none of us had ever seen. In that sacred place it felt as though the Ascended Masters were meeting on another dimension and fully inspiring our work together.

We began our ceremony by calling in the four directions and invited the Universal Presence of Nature with the elementals and Devic realm to support our ceremony. We also invited the Archangels to bless us as we connected deeply to the Heart of the Mother Earth. We danced and chanted our intentions for the world, and felt the radiance of our collective being. When we began to step forward into Gabriel’s Gateway, we were surrounded by the Archangels. This support allowed us to open and connect to our Star of origin and our family of Divine Origin to bring back the gifts and skills that support our life here on the Earth. We felt the radiant expression of our heart’s opening into a newly profound and empowered life.

Our group joined spiritually with millions of Warriors of Light around the world to bring the high frequencies of Love and Divine Light to be anchored on to the Earth on that Solstice day. All of us felt the honor of the calling that brought us together for sacred ceremony. We felt the shift that occurred on the Earth as Divine Light permeated the heart of all beings. Our prayers were strong and we know they were received so that all of humanity felt the awakening of Pure Love in their hearts and the power of their I AM presence activated. We were blessed.

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