Registration for Seven Keys to Awakening Program

Ancient Yogic Teachings with Archangelic Wisdom to Support your Awakening and Inspire your Life in these Changing Times.

We would love to have you join us for this experiential offering of transmissions and activations from the Archangels represented in the Chakra System.


Here are some amazing benefits from this program:

  • A greater connection to the most Divine aspects of your being
  • More awareness about how energy works in your body
  • A sense of more meaning and purpose in your life.
  • Alignment with your Soul and the gifts it offers
  • An Expanded Perspective on Life
  • A Sense of Spiritual Partnership with your Personal Connection to the Archangels
  • More Balanced Emotional States
  • More Freedom to express your authentic self
  • A greater sense of Hope
  • More inner Peace
  • A feeling of buoyancy and uplifted heart
  • Greater connection to heart’s intelligence and healing abilities
  • The ability to hear your intuitive connection to your Soul's Guidance


Receive seven guided meditations (mp3s) that contain the sacred teachings of the Archangels. These empowering meditations by Shanta Gabriel are channeled transmissions from the seven Archangels representing the qualities of consciousness within each of the seven main chakras. The high frequencies in these meditations will guide you to a greater personal experience of each Archangel and illuminate how they work in your life. Available for immediate download.

Seven Keys to Awakening Program
Seven Keys to Awakening Program
Includes 7 Archangel Study Program Guided Meditations (mp3s) and study materials.
Price: $197.00


Your classes always bring me into my essence and it is such a gift to be in the Light Frequency with you always.


Just listened to first class. You are a magnificent teacher. So much loveliness, tenderness and kindness in your sharing of ancient information. The guided meditation that flows from your beingness is balm for the heart. You inspire me Shanta. Thank you for this precious gift. It is a Blessing to take this journey with you.


Your work is exquisite and glorious.It has helped me to heal, strengthen and renew my entire beingness at this incredible and important time for our planet and for humanity. Thank you to the Archangels!


I am consistently nourished by the very pure clean (and grounded) angelic energy that I feel and receive in all of your messages. It is unlike anything else I have ever come across and it feeds me and inspires me in a really beautiful way.