Seven Keys to Awakening Program

Ancient Yogic Teachings with Archangelic Wisdom to Inspire your Daily Life and Support You in these Changing Times.

Seven Keys to Awakening

Ancient teachings throughout the ages have revealed the subtle energy centers of the human body and their powerful effect on human consciousness.

These energy centers, also known as chakras, contain unique information and wisdom. Understanding the higher wisdom inherent in the qualities of consciousness available in each chakra opens the way to new truths that you can apply to your daily life.

The Seven Keys to Awakening program is designed to gently awaken and bring balance into the seven basic chakras within your human subtle energy anatomy so you can live more fully, more gracefully -- more consciously.

In this self-study program, based on seven classes, there is a combination of ancient yogic wisdom of the chakras with the inspired teachings of the Archangels to create a powerful alignment in your body so you can bridge Heaven and Earth in your daily life.

Know that you are being inspired and guided as you enjoy this experiential program. You will be assisted in rewiring connections to who you truly are and bring more Divinity into your present-time awareness.

We invite you to experience this new level of awakened consciousness!

The Seven Chakras

Discover the Beautiful Gifts of the Chakras

40 years ago, before I began my work with the Archangels,  I was a yogi and trained for many years with masters from India. Using this high-level training, I’m able to expertly guide you into the deeper meanings found within the human energy system and offer simple yet powerful exercises that will have practical application for your daily world.

You are offered an exploration from an ancient yogic perspective that will reveal the greater purposes and gifts of the chakra system. From this you will be able to blend your most Divine qualities with daily life on Earth. This will allow you to feel more supported in these changing times and open new pathways to your spirituality.

And most exciting – you’ll discover how YOU can use these gifts to bring greater fulfillment to your life!

Here are some amazing benefits from this program:

  • A sense of more meaning and purpose in your life.
  • Alignment with your Soul and the gifts it offers
  • Personal Connection to the Archangels
  • More Balanced Emotional States
  • Intuitive connection to your Soul's Guidance...and so much more!

Experience the Power of Light Field Technology™

Years ago, Archangel Gabriel revealed to me that Divine Light carries spiritual principles that we can use to create a more grace-filled life on Earth. He spoke about qualities of consciousness in capital letters, such as Peace, Harmony, Grace. These are actual fields of Living Light energy that have a powerful impact on our human energy system.

Have you noticed how your foundational structures have been changing very rapidly? It feels as though we are losing our normal frames of reference. This is because there are shifting frequencies in life that are opening new doors and closing others.

When we have more understanding about how to work in these new energy frequencies, life becomes much more fluid and graceful. We are learning to literally create our lives with Divine Light.

Throughout this program, I use Light Field Technology.™ Though it sounds complicated, it is a very simple system inspired by Archangel Gabriel, that teaches us how to thrive in the new Light frequencies.

Throughout this program, the Archangels teach us the deeper meaning of the living frequencies of Light in each chakra. And you’ll learn how to use this energy to gain a greater sense of wholeness and create more flexible foundations for life.

There are a total of 14 recordings. Shanta channels a different Archangel for every chakra class, plus there is a bonus offering. You will also receive seven Archangel guided meditations to give you a personal experience of the transmissions each Archangel offers.  There are also study materials to anchor your understanding and your ability to work with each Archangel personally.

Why would you want to do that? Because when you are attuned to the Light frequencies that hold the qualities of consciousness of every energy center in your body, you feel much more supported. You have the connections you need to call these energies into your body to bring more fulfillment and meaning to daily life.

When all of the chakras are understood, opened and connected together, we have then bridged the gulf between matter and spirit, understanding that we, ourselves, are the Rainbow Bridge that connects Earth and Heaven once again.

Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Program Format

The Original Seven-week Experiential Program

Originally, this program was only seven weeks. Most people found the program wonderful but there was not enough integration time.

The beauty of this prerecorded program is that you can spend as much time as you need with each Archangel and explore the chakras in the way that works best for you.

Step by step, a study is initiated that provides practical awareness and exercises that will jump-start your consciousness in each chakra. I have unique training and perspective that will assist you to use the new Light frequencies to empower your actions on Earth with more clarity.

7  Pre-Recorded Conference Calls

Each recorded conference call opens your awareness of the chakras and its qualities of consciousness. The transmissions and activations in the calls enable you to have a personal experience so you can create a connection with the Archangel inherent within that energy center.

Study Materials

There are beautiful study materials that accompany each chakra recording. You will receive access to supplementary materials through my Web site. There you will find yoga postures for the chakras, and transcripts that give you details about the qualities and use of each energy center.

Thank you so much, Shanta, for your inspiration and example. Feeling blessed and grateful!
I am so grateful for you ... And your work.

You have a way of presenting information through the ages (and sages) with grace and ease of understanding.

Class participant

What You May Experience

Over the centuries the human chakra system has been one of the most powerful tools used for spiritual awakening.

In this class series, each chakra will be revealed for its inherent gift and practical application to living your life more gracefully. My training with my guru gave me experiential tools for activations that will bring more awareness and awakening consciousness to each of these centers. It is my great delight to share these teachings with you.

What you may notice or experience as a result of participating in the Seven Keys to Awakening program:

  • A greater connection to the most Divine aspects of your being
  • More awareness about how energy works in your body
  • A sense of more meaning and purpose in your life.
  • Alignment with your Soul and the gifts it offers
  • An Expanded Perspective on Life
  • A Sense of Spiritual Partnership with your Personal Connection to the Archangels
  • More Balanced Emotional States
  • More Freedom to express your authentic self
  • A greater sense of Hope
  • More inner Peace
  • A feeling of buoyancy and uplifted heart
  • Greater connection to heart’s intelligence and healing abilities
  • The ability to hear your intuitive connection to your Soul's Guidance

Your work is exquisite and glorious.
It has helped me to heal, strengthen and renew my entire beingness at this incredible and important time for our planet and for humanity. Thank you to the Archangels!

Join Me and the Archangels

I am so excited about this Experiential Program.

This program is a series that I have been wanting to make more available and now the time is right.

If you feel a call in your heart, I invite you to pay attention to the inner nudge from the Archangels.

The cost of this transformative program is now only $197.  Join us Now!

Warmest Blessings,


Seven Keys to Awakening Program

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