The Secrets of Light Field Technology

Now available as a One-on-One Coaching Program with Shanta starting June 1.

Empower Yourself to Thrive in Our New World!

We are living in the most exciting time in human history. We are experiencing life in a new world of higher dimensional frequencies beyond 3D! It’s a world full of potential and expansiveness, greater connectedness and love.

For many people, there is a new way of creating a 5D life that feels almost magical. We are seeing nearly instant manifestation of our intentions — whether we are conscious of them or not.

These high-energy frequencies are very powerful — and sometimes challenging to integrate into our lives. Some days we soar; other days we feel like a fish out of water! 

Along with many wonderful reports, here is what people are telling me...

“My old ways of being aren’t working anymore.” “I’m feeling disconnected from my spirit.” "I feel stuck and unable connect to my soul purpose.” “My creative energy has gotten really scattered.” “I want to learn ways to create greater happiness.” “I’m feeling more anxious.”

Just as a surge of electricity can cause a short circuit, so can these new, powerful energy frequencies cause us to spiritually — and physically! — short-circuit. The good news is that we have been given the keys to thrive in our new 5D world. And I’m thrilled to share them with you.

Divine Light - Shanta Gabriel

Fields of Living Light

From the beginning of my association with Archangel Gabriel in 1990, he spoke about the fields of Divine Light that were going to be increasing on the planet. In the years since then, we have all been experiencing this powerful phenomena.

These downloads of Divine Light have caused upheaval, change and chaos in all of us personally and collectively as they are bringing to Light all that no longer serves humanity and the Earth in her ascension.

And what most have not been taught is how to use these fields of Divine Light to empower and transform our lives. That is why I am presenting this class series that Archangel Gabriel has called, The Secrets of Light Field Technology.

As Archangel Gabriel emphasized the importance of Divine Light, he also taught me a great truth that has empowered my life; Divine Light carries the empowered frequencies of Divine Love and Infinite Intelligence.

"Light holds spiritual principles carried in fields of Living Substance that we can use to create a more Peaceful, Abundant and Grace-filled life on Earth."

Through the use of Divine Light as a spiritual tool, we create new connections so there is less separation from our daily life and our spiritual life. We learn to be in the world but not of the world.

In 1990 when Archangel Gabriel began to work with me, he spoke about these qualities of consciousness in capital letters, such as Peace, Harmony, Grace. These, I came to understand, were literally fields of Living Light that had a powerful impact on my human energy system.

When I used these Living Fields as intentional energy empowerments, they became a way of magnetizing more of those qualities into every area of my life in a very natural and inspiring way.

Introducing: Light Field Technology™

Light Field Technology ™ is a powerful system inspired by Archangel Gabriel that teaches you to thrive in the new frequencies of 5D energy.

We have been gifted a tool that can be applied to life and has the potential to transform you from the inside out. When we are filled with Light to the cellular level we are able to magnetize higher frequencies into our lives. This allows us to become like the tree that feeds itself with the nourishment of Light during the process of Photosynthesis.

We are learning to extract the Divine Substance that nourishes and sustains us as we open ourselves to receiving Light.

As we do this we attract the spiritual qualities that we most love ~ such as Abundance, Well-Being, Harmony and Peace ~ this becomes the energy that empowers our world.

Learning to work with Divine Light will help you to:

  • gracefully navigate the new energy frequencies,
  • become more comfortable in your physical body,
  • and use intentional fields to create your most empowered future.

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"The Radiance of a being who repeatedly brings light into every cell is transformational and magnetic."~Archangel Gabriel

Retrain and Rewire

Our new Light Field Technology course offers you a powerful spiritual practice so you can create a beautiful sacred space to enter on a daily basis.

Through this practice, you retrain and rewire your being to hold the higher frequencies and learn to bring spirit into matter.

This gives you new freedom to experience life in a more expansive and joyous way.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn new tools
    for living a more unified and holistic life — with little separation between your spiritual self and your life in the world.
  • Experience an immersion
    into the deepest essence within your heart and provide the nourishment that may have been missing for you.
  • Learn to Align
    with your Divinity and anchor Light on the Earth through your physical body.
  • Create a stronger sense of connection
    to your Soul’s Purpose.
  • Experience a greater ability
    to fulfill your most empowered future.
  • Raise your vibrational frequencies
    and attract profound spiritual qualities into every area of your life.
  • Blend your Divinity
    with your human self.
  • Create a spiritual practice
    that will empower daily life.

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"Your energy, your words and thoughts resonate with me completely on many levels. The tools you have shared in this series, as well as the meditations and wisdom, are truly shared with the deepest love and compassion from your heart. And my acceptance of these gifts is joyously felt to the core of my being."


"It is as if my body and spirit are at home now and you have just opened the windows so the light can come into my being more fully. What a beautiful thing you have shared. Thank you from the deepest place in my heart!"

Who Should Attend

This enlightening course is perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn to thrive in our new 5D world.
  • Ones who desires to bring more meaning and spirituality into daily life.
  • Somebody who has felt alone and wants to connect with their Soul Purpose on Earth
  • Those who are looking for practical ways to use the new frequencies of energy to improve and empower their lives.
  • Someone who has felt alienated and wants to feel more at home in their bodies and in the world.
  • Those who want to be more spiritual but have not felt there was enough time for spiritual practice and earthly life.
  • One who wants to have a personal experience of the Divine working in their life
  • Somebody who wants to have more connection to their Intuition

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"Your classes always bring me into my essence and it is such a gift to be in the Light Frequency with you always."


"Having a formal practice to bring in love and raise my vibration in a practical way is very helpful. So I appreciate – so much – your guidance on this. It helps to have a structure. And you are so respectful and compassionate."

What You’ll Learn

Here’s a taste of what’s in store for this course:

Consider the Tree – The importance of Grounding

Divinity in Human Form – The necessity of blending Heaven and Earth through your body

The Angels and Light – What are the teachings of Archangel Gabriel about Light

Wherever you go, there is Light – Creating an intentional light field

The Importance of Spiritual Practice – Alignment with Source, Creation of Sacred Space

Meditation Tools – Easy ways to become more at peace inside

Tools of Higher Consciousness – Ways to raise your vibrational frequency for Alignment with Source energy

Creative Solutions Abound – My life with Archangel Gabriel

Triads of Light – Making spiritual principles work in your life

Creating Your Rainbow Light Body – The chakras and fields of Light

Create a Field and Step Into It – Living a purposeful life

Creating Your Most Empowered Future

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"Spiritual practice is a training that creates a beautiful sacred vessel for you to enter into on a daily basis. In this place, you retrain and rewire your being to hold the higher frequencies and learn to bring spirit into matter.

It becomes a way of spiritualizing your life so that there is no delineation between your personal life, your work life, and your spiritual life. This allows you freedom to experience life in a new, more expansive and joyous way."

~Archangel Gabriel

Deepen your Connection to Divine Love and Infinite Intelligence

We will meet every week for three weeks, starting April 25. We will use a conference line for our interaction. You will be able to use your phone to connect.

Archangel Gabriel will inspire us and provide transmissions during the classes for direct spiritual immersion into Divine Light.

We will teach you — step by step — how to use Light Fields as a powerful skill for daily life. Through this work, every area of your life will be enhanced with higher frequencies of Love so you will be able to experience more Ease and Grace.

It's magical!

Light is the force of all Creation. When you align yourself with this exquisite gift, there is magic. ~Archangel Gabriel

"I'm so excited you're offering the Light Field Technology class again! I've been practicing and would LOVE to go deeper with it. Every time we do it together as a group, the energy rises, expands & clarifies within me and so much more is revealed, not to mention, I feel more adept at working with my *Field*. And when I consciously engage the tools & practices you share, I see amazing results! Blockages dissolve, pathways open and whatever I'm trying to accomplish seems to self-assemble in ways I could never conjure on my own."

Thank you for joining us to bring more Light to the world!

I’m very excited to be sharing the Secrets of Light Field Technology with you.

As life evolves, the teachings from Archangel Gabriel have gone higher and deeper than ever before. The insights and pearls of wisdom that Archangel Gabriel reveals will sink deeply in your heart so you will carry them into your personal life.

Having a formal practice to bring in love and raise my vibration in a practical way is very helpful. So I appreciate - so much - your guidance on this. It helps to have a structure. And you are a respectful and compassionate guide.

Thank you for joining us as we create amazing transformational experiences. I am always available to assist you and answer questions. Please email me at

Warmest Blessings,

Shanta Gabriel

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