Registration for The Archangel Transmissions Home Study Program

The world needs your Radiant Light now!

Join us for experiential transmissions and activations from the Archangels represented in the chakra system.

Our new home study program features audio Archangel meditations, study materials, and spiritual community.

Go at your own pace and deeply immerse yourself in each of the chakras and create a personal connection to the Archangels.

The fee for the program is $297. Register now to receive $75 off + my powerful Light Activation Meditation - mp3 ($35 value).

In this meditation, I guide you through the chakra system, inviting the Archangel that is active in each chakra, and activating Divine Light, color and frequencies in each of the seven major chakras.

Listen over and over to create a greater level of Alignment, Harmony and Balance within your body, mind and emotional system. The additional blessings from the Archangelic Realms will fill your heart and uplift your ability to connect with these precious beings, the Archangels as our spiritual resources.

Start your journey now...

Archangel Transmissions Home Study Program
Archangel Transmissions Home Study Program
Price: $297.00
Price: $222.00


"I am at a loss for words in trying to describe the depth, breadth, magnitude and exquisite beauty of the world you are sharing through all of your offerings. And then there is you, so supremely courageous, direct, imaginative, devoted and so lovely in all of your loving, with the infinite softness of harmony and the full power of wisdom bestowed through you from the angels." 

Your classes always bring me into my essence and it is such a gift to be in the Light Frequency with you always.

Just listened to first class. You are a magnificent teacher. So much loveliness, tenderness and kindness in your sharing of ancient information. The guided meditation that flows from your beingness is balm for the heart. You inspire me Shanta. Thank you for this precious gift. It is a Blessing to take this journey with you.

Your work is exquisite and glorious.It has helped me to heal, strengthen and renew my entire beingness at this incredible and important time for our planet and for humanity. Thank you to the Archangels!

I am consistently nourished by the very pure clean (and grounded) angelic energy that I feel and receive in all of your messages. It is unlike anything else I have ever come across and it feeds me and inspires me in a really beautiful way.

Thank you for the message from Metatron. It is breathtaking....

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing this message from Raphael. It made me cry - and even before I read the words, I found myself holding my hand over my heart and breathing through the tears. So grateful.

I just wanted to say how excited I am you are offering the Archangel program again! Each time, I learn so much, my relationship with one or anotherArchangel deepens and my personal practice is fortified. The Sacred Space you create transports me and makes me feel supported & protected. Your simple practices, prayers & meditations are so profound that I don't even feel like we are on the phone or online, but I feel right there with you, on the mountain, immersed in Light, and surrounded by other heart-centered souls. I am so grateful for the opportunity to deepen my personal relationship with the Archangels and because I have done the class repeatedly, I can also testify that the more I have engaged them directly, through all that you've taught me, the more they've made their presence in my life known, in very real (undeniable) ways! I can't wait to do it again ; -)