Registration for Commune with Angels Soulshop

Martha's Vineyard, Saturday, June 30

Join me and an intimate group in Martha's Vineyard
for this beautiful soulshop.


Commune With Angels is an experiential, illuminated class that will enable you to connect with your intuition and gain access with your personal guiding Angels.

In our sacred time together you will:

• Create a personal connection to the wisdom and guidance of the Archangels

• Receive answers to questions about your life — big or small

• Develop your “intuition muscle” for direct personal access to Truth and Wisdom

• Open your Receiving Channels

• Inspire your Creativity

• Connect to the Light frequencies within you to create a deeper sense of Knowing.

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Commune With Angels Soulshop on Martha's Vineyard
Commune With Angels Soulshop on Martha's Vineyard
Saturday, June 30, 2018 with Shanta Gabriel
Price: $75.00


Your classes always bring me into my essence and it is such a gift to be in the Light Frequency with you always.


Your work is exquisite and glorious. It has helped me to heal, strengthen and renew my entire beingness at this incredible and important time for our planet and for humanity. Thank you to the Archangels!


I am consistently nourished by the very pure clean (and grounded) angelic energy that I feel and receive in all of your messages. It is unlike anything else I have ever come across and it feeds me and inspires me in a really beautiful way.