Rainbow Bridge Meditations

This week of meditation activations honoring the Harmonic Convergence presentsĀ  a wonderful chance to join with others in an honoring of this Earth and the new world of Peace we are creating. The Harmonic Convergence was an amazing weekend event, August 16-17, 1987. Shortly after that, the Berlin Wall fell, the USSR broke into new countries and a change in consciousness flooded the world as new frequencies of energy became more available. I believe Archangel Michael also was a presence that began to bless the Earth with more energy and protection at that time.

Here is the link:http://lightgrid.ning.com/group/mayancosmology/forum/topic/show?id=4024228%3ATopic%3A122984&xg_source=msg_mes_network

I will be giving away free downloads for my Rainbow Light Meditation as well during this week. Come and join us! Love, Shanta


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