A Private Retreat in Mount Shasta

A sacred one-on-one experience with Shanta Gabriel

Mt Shasta Base Chakra

Welcome to Mt. Shasta ~ The Base Chakra of the Earth

Enjoy a fun, deeply Soul-connected, nourishing Personal Retreat in sacred one-on-one time with Shanta Gabriel.

In Mt. Shasta’s alpine environment, you will be able to walk in a beautiful forest sanctuary. There are many beautiful places next to lakes, streams and waterfalls, where you can have a private communion with Nature. Mt. Shasta herself offers many opportunities to breathe in the Prana of high mountain air, and be amazed by the beauty and high frequencies of the environment above 4000 feet.

What's Included?

  • Forest Bathing - The Japanese practice of forest bathing is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of Wellbeing. In Mt. Shasta’s alpine environment, you will be able to walk in a beautiful forest sanctuary. The land where Shanta lives is also a sacred environment with the trees and flowing water, where you can have a private blessing ceremony with Archangel Gabriel.


  • Gratitude Walks -  Bring your walking shoes, and join Shanta on the trails to her favorite places. There are also many hiking trails by lakes, waterfalls and streams near the town of Mt. Shasta, at the foot of the sacred mountain. All walks are done in a sacred manner for wonder, transformation and blessings.


  • Archangel Blessing Ceremonies An Ease and Grace ceremony will release all that holds back your most benevolent Future.  Archangel Gabriel will then come through for a beautiful Blessing Ceremony that will ground your Soul gifts and anchor your Highest Reality on Earth.


  • Receive a Personal Spiritual Practice - According to your Soul’s priorities and daily life schedules, different mantras and energetic exercises can assist your ascension process. Spiritual Practices are an essential tool in maintaining equanimity in the challenging times in which we live. Shanta will give you a personal practice that you can use according to your own time constraints and desires.


  • CrystalShanta will gift you with a specially empowered and Archangel Gabriel-infused crystal as blessing.


  • Illuminate Your Personal Power Field - You will be given a Spiritual Practice that helps you create, strengthen & fortify your personal power field. This will allow you to feel more protected as you bring forth your most authentic self into the world. Shanta will help you empower and set your intentions into your energy field using Sacred Geometry that supports a greater alignment with your Highest Soul Reality.


  • Discounts may be possible at local accommodations

Healing Modality Add-Ons

Inquire with Shanta about optional healing modalities:

  • Hot Stone Massage - Shanta has been a licensed massage therapist for over 30 years. She was trained in this modality when she worked at a 5 star resort in Hawaii.


  • Customized Flower Essences - Shanta will create a personal essence for you to take with you. Natural Flower Essences, such as Bach Flower Remedies, have been used for nearly 100 years to bring more balance into emotional and personality states. They are especially helpful during these changing times in which we live.You can also have a sacred walk in the forest using the Wisdom of the Trees Essence, which uses an Essence of Divine Light (made personally by Shanta) with several Bach Remedies, to open your channels to receive from Nature.


  • Light Activation Session - This is Shanta's signature bodywork session that combines a shorter reading with a hands-on Polarity Therapy-based healing session. This is the type of work she was doing when Archangel Michael showed up in her healing space in 1988. He may be there for you also.


  • Soul Alignment Reading - What are the messages from your Soul for this time of transformation? This hour long session, inspired by Archangels, can open many doorways into your purpose in life, your action moving forward, and clear any obstacles in your path. These sessions have empowered people for many years to bring their Soul gifts into fruition.

What People Are Saying:

Shanta Gabriel is a gifted, inspired and utterly authentic healer of the heart. In her presence, I experienced the reality of the Divine. I deeply salute the immense contribution she is making. Shanta is a true blessing, and she will touch your soul.—ALAN COHEN, Author, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker

Your inspiration and intuition thru your guiding light makes me feel so well. I thank you.
Shanta radiated an extremely high spiritual presence throughout our session. Our dialogue brought me back to my highest truth, and her work cleared the scar tissue from my heart that had kept me from feeling. Her words were like the rays of the sun healing my heart. For days after I felt so much love I wanted to hug everything in sight.

Choose your own Sacred Journey with Shanta through those offerings which most resonate in your heart.  

Contact Me!

For $150/session, I will be your private guide and design a unique & special experience, infused with the Archangels’ wisdom and Mt. Shasta’s magical, transformative energy & support.

If you cannot make the appointment, half your reservation will be refunded up to 72 hours prior to your first session with Shanta in Mt. Shasta.

For timing and more information please contact me through email: shanta@shantagabriel.com.