There have been some powerful F Words floating around my consciousness recently. Suddenly Fortitude has become my favorite word for what I need right now.

I usually will check in with myself to see what energy frequency I need to bring into my field in any given moment. This gives me more awareness so I can pray and create intentions that would bring more of that requirement into my life. It’s important that I recognize those needs that sustain and nourish me at certain junctures in my life…well always really.

Fortitude as a concept is one that I have never considered as a powerful tool for life in the world until recently. Archangel Gabriel has always used somewhat old-fashioned phrases and terminology in the teachings I have been receiving from him since 1990. Fortitude fits into the genre. The dictionary describes Fortitude as “Courage or strength of mind in the face of pain, danger or adversity.”

Fortitude is a power that provides not only Courage and Strength but the ability to keep on keeping on in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.

Which brings up another important F word for our time, Faith. In all of the turning points in my life the past 40 years, I have used ancient oracles to inspire and refine my attitudes about what I am facing. The ancient Celtic system of Runes provided me with such a powerful teaching when my life was disintegrating in 1999, that I still remember it to this day. It said, “Rely therefore on radical Trust, even it means leaping empty handed into the void.”

I have received that same rune at other important choice points a number of times since then, and it always strikes me so powerfully that I have to surrender to that which Life has brought to me. This message spurs me to recognize that whatever is going on in my outer world is not mine to work out or find solutions to. I am forced to admit that the most resourceful thing I can do is to turn it all over to Divinity working in my life.

That is truly what Faith is, as we believe in that which cannot be seen, we are standing in the unwavering Faith that the Divine Presence is working in and through all that we are doing at any given time.

In short, Radical Trust is knowing that the Universe has our backs in perfect divine support.

I received a powerful teaching in 2012 when Archangel Gabriel gave me a message about life as the River of all Creation. We begin to thrive when we remember to have Faith that there is a never-faltering energy that flows from Source, carrying with it all that we need in any given moment. Our job is to step into the Flow of the River.

So this brings me to my final potent F word for this time – Flow. I am learning to allow the Flow of God’s Grace to be part of my daily life. The flowing presence of Divine energy in which we live, move and have our being is there around us at all times. Sometimes we are like the fish that does not remember that it is swimming in the energy of all Creation. The Divine Presence is always there around and within us at all times. When I can be present and have Radical Trust that this Divine Flow is working in my life, my Faith and Fortitude are increased exponentially.

Recognizing the presence of this Flow of Divinity brings more Meaning and Purpose into every area of my life.

What brings you more meaning and purpose? Is this an important value for you?

For me, it has been an essential part of my life for over 40 years. It is what sustains and nourishes me in life. Depth of meaning raises my energy frequencies, allowing me to focus on what is important to me. I am able to relax and allow the Flow of All Creation to work in my world in greater ways.

For this reason in 2017, I have been leading a sacred group practice every quarter to honor the seasons in life. We are in a crucial time on the planet where how we proceed will have major ramifications for future generations. It is a powerful moment to work as a group to raise our energetic frequencies and to bring more spiritual blessings to the Earth.

I invite you to step into the Ashram of Life and create a sacred space through your spiritual practice. Most of us are not in a time when we have the luxury of leaving our daily lives to stay in a retreat center or monastery. Life has become our Ashram and is the place where our spiritual lessons are learned and we practice remembering that God is within us working in our daily lives.

Our dedicated group spiritual practice called an Anusthan begins this Wednesday June 7, for 11 days until June 17. Each person chooses the amount of time that they can spend in dedicated spiritual practice from 10 to 30 minutes. When you make a donation, you will receive a beautiful 26-page E-book that explains the process and which you can save and refer to.

We join together as a global gathering of people who recognize that it is important to honor Divinity working in and through their lives. We are dedicating this practice to the anchoring of Divine Light in the world to honor the Solstice. All that we do in this sacred time blesses the world. Through our dedication we become the change that we want to see happen.

I have been doing the Anusthan practice for 40 years. This spiritual practice never fails but to bring more depth of awareness and puts me back into the center of my heart, the space that truly makes a difference in my life. More importantly, an Anusthan fortifies and nourishes me for the time ahead.

Come join us and have a personal experience of God’s presence flowing through your life. Know you are truly blessed.

More information is available here.

Blessings of Love and Light to you now and always, Shanta

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