Our Tsunami of Change

In these past few weeks, the energy has been so intense that at times I felt like I was jumping out of my skin. Coupled with the fact that I, like so many others, could not sleep well, led me to feel like I had landed in Zombieville. At the same time, all the wondrous work activities that I had been praying for months would come into action, did —  that’s right, all at once! Perfect demonstration of “be careful what you pray for.”

Not since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 have I seen such an amazing series of cosmic events in the sky. The three beautiful and usually rare Star Tetrahedrons seemed to anchor right into my chakra system in a series of tetrahedrons. I have heard from others that triangles were showing up in hearts and other places. It was said that there was power in this Sacred Geometry, which is also called the Merkaba, that allowed it to rotate in different directions until it clicked into place like a giant Rubik’s Cube. This alignment process is meant to activate the Divine Blueprint of Perfection within our cells, connecting us at last to our Soul’s Purpose.

So many people spoke about these events on the Internet that I was overwhelmed with the potential for awakening that all of us on the planet were being offered. The frequencies were activated with Wholeness and Unity Consciousness. And no matter what it feels like in our individual life, I know that we have been permanently transformed.

Archangel Gabriel has called it a “raw vulnerability,” as our nervous systems took a huge jolt of Light. We have a great need for nourishment right now, so all we can do to nurture ourselves is really important. I feel like my lower 3 chakras are really being worked over so time in Nature is essential. If we don’t ground the power of this energy it will cause even more upheaval in our nervous system. Plus we truly need nurturing right now, and Nature is the place to receive that.

Nature is Active Here

There have been thunderstorms over these past few weeks in Mt. Shasta. Lightning struck a tree about 20 feet from my living room causing the oak tree to explode its bark all over the neighborhood, and ended with the beautiful tree being cut to the ground. In the meantime, there was an exquisite double rainbow that lasted for an hour. These lightning strikes started thousands of fires, some still raging. Smoke was so thick at times it was difficult to see the mountain.

It has been said that Mt. Shasta is one of the sacred mountains grounding 5D on Earth right now. It is really clear that presence of Nature is very activated at this time here. I feel fortunate that there are trails to explore and Lake Siskiyou to swim in. With all the excitement inside and outside of me, I have made some discoveries about what it means when someone is told to “go jump in the lake!” It turns out to be a great thing to do and I confess that it really helped me feel much calmer!

Manifestation is Here and Now

All through 2013 we have been asking for manifestation of our dreams and desires. We have felt impatient and sometimes discouraged at how long “it” was taking. We worked really hard to slog through the warm Jell-O Effect of the energies, and most of us have felt like racehorses behind the starting gate fired up for the big run. Now here it is! We are in it: Pure powerful potential in the potent energy stage just asking us to channel it in positive directions. Even if it feels like I stuck my finger into an electrical socket, I don’t dare complain that it is too much too fast because the new work that I have been creating is all I have been asking for. Even the retreat in Mt. Shasta I have wanted to do for years is coming this October. (more on that at the end)

So for now the main thing I can do to help channel the energy is to remember to breathe then call on Light Fields of Courage, Ease and Balance to support me. There are some very powerful allies from the Archangelic realms as well as Nature that we can call for help. Many Beings of Light are working with us during this time so we are not alone to face the big waves. Surf is definitely up!

Archangel Gabriel has been speaking of this connection:

The Universal Presence of Nature who works in harmony with the elementals and Devic Realms is assisting the calibration of the human form to reclaim the Blueprint of Perfection. In a dynamic evolution of consciousness, an alignment is occurring within all Nature to hold this Divine Blueprint and reflect it to the human species in a way that will establish a baseline for the human blueprint. As the accelerated energy reaches its highest evolution, the matrix of Reflected Patterns in Nature hold the vortex energy for New Life Awakening.

When we speak of New Life Awakening you recognize that the patterns of old no longer function in the same way so there is a recalibration of frequency necessary within the human form. The assistance for this is coming from the presence of Nature working within you in order to smooth the way. The Kundalini forces are moving through your spinal pathways activating the nadis, and creating an awakened electrical system in harmony with your highest soul’s development.

(You can see the full on www.TheGabrielMessages.com )

Moving into Freedom

I am learning that when I pay attention to MY timing, not that of other people, it all works best for me. And actually during a recent event I anchored the lesson from my teenage years, nobody can make me do anything unless I allow it to happen.

We are definitely being encouraged to spread our wings and fly into the Freedom being offered by this time of New Life Awakening. That means trusting our intuition even if we are being encouraged to seek new ground, move to a new area and create new work. Many are experiencing that right now as a part of the upheaval they are experiencing in their lives. And for some the Calling of the Heart is too great to ignore. We are letting go of the old ways of being, so new expression can take root in every area of of the new life we are creating.

The Gateway Initiations that we walked through this August were profound and for many it felt like the  wisdom of Sacred Temple past-life memories were activated. There were codes from these imprints within us that were sparked as we stood with one foot in the new realms and another in the old. We are being asked to remember our ancient training for Walking Between the Worlds. It is there in our DNA, and for me it feels like this link to ancient wisdom is one of the codes being activated now.

So once again, as the masters have impressed upon us over the ages, we are meant to live in present time and empower our intentions for the life we desire to live in the future. It is clear that with help we can learn to thrive in this Tsunami of Change we are all experiencing. The next few years will continue pulsing with intense waves of high-frequency energy. We need to learn to work gracefully in this highly magical process because it responds so well to the direction we give it from our Intent. After that we just allow the waves of high-frequency energy to carry us where we want to go. Simple ~ and a very magical process.

The hardest part for me is to trust the process. I am reminded of something my guru said in 1978, “When you are seated on the jet plane, it does not get to its destination any faster if you run up and down the aisles.”

Many Blessings on your most auspicious journey.


Bridging Heavenand Earth Retreat in Mt. Shasta

P.S. One of the goals I have had for a number of years is to hold a residential retreat in Mt. Shasta. As one of the manifestations this summer, I am offering my retreat Bridging Heaven and Earth in Mt. Shasta from October 11 through 14. I invite you all! We are going to be working with the Archangels every morning and the Nature Spirits in the afternoons as we hike into sacred sites. The incredible uplifting energies of the mountain will allow us to experience the new frequencies in a way that will transform our lives.

More information is available on my website: www.TheGabrielMessages.com.

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