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November 2013 – Greetings from Mt. Shasta

We have experienced a glorious prolonged Autumn with brilliant clear days and warmer than normal temperatures. As the nights begin to dip into the 20’s we will move inevitably toward the winter. There are signs of Christmas in the stores and with a bit of foreboding, I noticed that tall marker sticks for snow have been installed on all the curbs and islands in the small town of Mt. Shasta. For Thanksgiving, a free community dinner was offered to more than 600 people, with bags of groceries and clothing. Deliveries of the dinner, with choices of turkey or vegetarian, were driven to those who could not make it into town. It was a huge demonstration of Giving and I was delighted to be a part this wonderful community. It was also a welcome change from the past few weeks of freeing myself from old patterns of thinking.

It seems like we need to give ourselves credit just for the ability to continue walking around during this Tsunami of Change we are experiencing. We are in the midst of energy waves caused by a 11 year shift in the polarities of the Sun. Adding to that, there are solar flares and 4 comets (oh my). We also have Pluto stirring up our deep and dark inner resources. ”Mining for buried treasure” is the way my astrologer friend, Kelly Beard (, describes this event. Kelly reminded me that the way diamonds are mined is by exploding the earth around them. I admit that at times it has felt as though I am being blown up from within my solar plexus.

At a very archetypal level, Pluto causes us to examine the underworld within our psyche to find the jewels that we can carry into the next phase of our lives. When I realized that we still have 2 months of this deep personal examination left to go through, I knew that even I could not keep up the critical judgment of my personal process for that long. It is really important to not take all this upheaval personally but to apply as much neutrality as possible to the energy we are all experiencing.

During this Year of the Snake in Chinese Astrology, we are shedding the skin that no longer fits our sense of self so that in February we can move into the empowerment of the Horse. The Universe is delightfully orchestrating all this so we can find the most true and valued essence of Self in order to fulfill our Soul’s Destiny in this lifetime.

Add in a Venus affect that is giving us similar experiences to those that affected us back in 1997. Most everyone I know talks about that time as heavy and dark where basic structures were blown apart. For me personally, 1997 was when my business started to collapse, which led to losing my home, marriage, appendix and my deepest sense of self in one year.

In this momentous time, we are all moving up to a new level of Soul’s expression. Some of us have been given glimpses of our most exalted and treasured future self, making it all the more uncomfortable when we find our selves back in what feels like the “hell realms.” The fact is that we are in a cook pot for the next 2 months and our primal stew is not yet ready to eat. In this raw and uncooked state, it requires monumental intentionality for us to stay focused on the most beneficial and delicious outcome for our soup. For me, I have been looking to stay in the place of inner balance where neutrality is the best I can achieve in the moment.

Bridging Heaven and Earth

On October 11 – 14, I presented a residential retreat by myself for 12 people that I did not know, who turned out to be deep and beautiful people of a very high quality. It was by far the biggest, most progressive thing I have done in my professional life. Not that I did not experience moments of sheer terror, as when my caterer quit a month before and my assistant could not come at the last minute, but I pulled it off despite the challenges. It was obvious that my Angels were with me and it only looked like I was alone in the process. Amazingly, all my intentions were exceeded and the retreat was a sweet, empowering and inspiring experience for everyone involved.

After it was over, I felt as though flying for about a week. The experience of Divine Light was expansive and exhilarating. There was the realization that in this new time on Earth right now, we could  finally have the greatest dreams of our hearts come true. I had wanted to do a residential retreat in Mt. Shasta for years. Accomplishing that opened the doors to my soul’s longing for a life that I had only imagined. Within that week I could clearly see that all that I wanted was entirely possible, not that I knew how to do it, just that it was as real as anything else. It was an experience of raising my vibrational frequencies into the realm of Infinite Freedom and Potential.

I was so inspired I felt like the doors of Heaven had opened and given me a glimpse of a new reality available to all of us, when we get out of our own way. I was so inspired that I filled a notebook full of plans for my new life, and I had clear visions of how it would be totally supported. This exalted energy went on for a week where I was so excited I could barely eat or sleep. I spent days in Nature, enjoying the perfect Autumn weather in Mt. Shasta. Until finally a herpes breakout and exhaustion set in, and a downward spiral began. My energy got so low that nothing seemed possible and I felt inadequate to be even having ideas as grand as the ones I had experienced. It even felt like it was not possible to have created the retreat and I started to negate what had actually been accomplished only a few weeks before. When trying to implement my plans, I found some that were not truly workable in present time. This caused me to feel discouraged, and just stimulated more of the thoughts of futility that had begun to make their insidious way into my thinking process. The tremendous inflow of energies that we are all experiencing were swirling through my old patterns stimulating the lower chakras to release. It was my interpretations of the experience that caused me overwhelming emotional upheaval, even though at odd moments I could see what was happening.

Back in Present Time

I am taking care of a wonderful house and dog in Mt. Shasta now. While walking the dog yesterday I had an experience that seemed like a metaphor for the power of this excess energy. We were walking behind Lake Siskiyou and I could hear the sounds of flowing water where two rivers flow into the lake. Wanting to sit by the river, I tried to go through the woods where there was no trail to the waters. In the process both Kona and I got mired in blackberry brambles and we had to work hard to extricate ourselves and take a new direction. Finally we found the trail to the river and were able to sit and admire the beauty. That experience reminded me that at times the tremendous inflow of energy that we are all experiencing can lead us into unfamiliar territory where sometimes we can get stuck in old patterns that do not serve us. The dedication we have to finding the flow of Source energy and untangling our selves leads us to opening into new expansive and beautiful areas where we can play and be inspired.

The darkness where I was mired lifted as suddenly as it came on me. So was it partly astrological or yet another time that my sensitivity to the trauma on the planet caused my personal experience? The huge typhoon that hit the Philippines was only one of the world events that took place during that time. As we grow ever closer on this world energy web we need to be very clear about our own energy fields and have systems in place so we can contain our energy so it does not bleed into the world around us. Many spiritual teachers have commented that we need not take issues so personally any more because much is being played out in the field around us that has nothing truly to do with us, and they are urging the “witness consciousness.” There is this place of neutrality that exists within us and is our refuge during these intense waves of high energy frequencies. And that is why it is called a “spiritual practice.” We need something we can do continuously that takes us back to our basic essence and serves us when we feel lost and afraid. I am grateful that I have been trained with some tools to fall back on, because they have served me well for 40 years. Even in the midst of emotional upheaval, the Light shines through here and there, and that saves me from thinking all is without value.

Another situation that occurs is that when we have a very expansive experience of awakening consciousness, such as my taking a risk and presenting the retreat, it opens new channels within our beings – what I call the doors of Heaven. Before these awakenings can be stabilized in our lives, we will need to clear out our lower chakra systems and the attachments to any old patterns of energy that hold us back from being able to manifest that new expansive, high frequency reality. It is tricky staying neutral in the midst of situations that feel very real and personal, and this is what I call the Earth. So Bridging Heaven and Earth becomes our full time occupation.

Name That Field

We have come to a time when we can literally name the field of consciousness we want to live in.

In history great masters emanate very high states of consciousness and uplift the world around them. All those who were sensitive to energy would experience the same state. Very high states of spiritual consciousness as well as the depth of fear states can be transmitted by our fields.

In this time of New Life Awakening we have choices about where we put our attention that can literally transform the world we live in. It begins with our intention and where we place our attention. May we all find that still place within so that our heart’s true regenerating field can sustain and uplift our lives, as well as the Earth.


  1. Linda Brogan on December 9, 2013 at 8:32 am

    Mahalo Nui for sharing such a clear and rich melody of the heart with all! Look at the rich humus you have made in preparation for another divine pollination of your evolved seeds packed with neutrinos! Be well and fly free my friend.

    • Shanta Gabriel on December 9, 2013 at 9:42 am

      Beloved Linda, mahalo nui loa for your wonderful encouragement. Thank you for calling it “humus.” 🙂
      You are so loved! Aloha Pumehana, Shanta

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