New Year’s Special for an Empowered 2016

Light Activation Sessions

Sign up for a Light Activation Session or a Soul Alignment Reading with Shanta during the month of January and you will be gifted a two-month subscription for our Immersion into Light Circle!

The Immersion into Light Circle is a group of dedicated souls who are holding the vision together for Well-being, Peace and Harmony for the Earth. We actively support each other in remembering the importance of prayer, intention and focus so we can feel that we are actively involved in the process of bringing Heaven to Earth. Learn more about the Circle membership here.

The beginning of the new year is a perfect time to receive more guidance from your Angels and Soul’s voice. This assists you to integrate the aspects of your learning experiences into clear harmony and focus for an empowered and beautiful 2016.

“Last weekend I was privileged to experience a LIGHT ACTIVATION session from author, angel communicator, and visionary healer, Shanta Gabriel. Wow! I could not have imagined such healing could take place — especially when it was done remotely as Shanta was in Mt. Shasta California, and I was in Scottsdale, Arizona. Shanta’s session was designed to clear way old patterns and accelerate my connection to my Higher Self and Soul’s Purpose. Words can’t describe my experience accurately, but all I can say is that if you are seeking any form of healing in your life, I believe you will benefit from this very extraordinary experience.”

“Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and time with me yesterday. I am so very grateful for you and the messages you shared (including the one today). The positive impact of yesterday is immeasurable and has helped bring the clarity and understanding I was seeking. The tools and spiritual practice you identified have given me the gift of direction moving forward.”

Learn more about Light Activation Sessions

Learn more about Soul Alignment Readings

Sign up for a session or reading by January 30 and also receive two free months to explore our beautiful Immersion into Light Circle. (Your session/reading does not need to be held in January.)

Warmest blessings for 2016,

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