The New Year's Anusthan to Anchor the 11:11 Light Codes


WELCOME to the 11:11 Anusthan
for the New Year of 2017!

Thank you for committing to the
Global Awakening of All Humanity.


Your Anusthan Guidelines Booklet is available to you here:

As you go through the pages you will find affirmations and powerful sayings in English that will raise your vibrational frequencies and bring you into alignment with an international group of heart-centered souls who support the awakening of all humanity on planet Earth.

The New Year's Anusthan Guidelines BookletIn your booklet you are offered simple, very ancient Sanskrit Mantras that were given to me by my guru. The pronunciation is included. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.

For those interested in joining me in the Mala (108 repetitions) of the mantra that I am using, it is:

Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu. There should be a dot under the H in the first two words that would be pronounced as a light breathy HA sound. This sound is not the emphasis of the words.

In general here is the phonetic English pronunciation:

Low Kah (ah)

Saw Ma (like mama) Staw  

Sue Key No 

Baa Van Too

This mantra is the last line of an ancient Sanskjrit prayer for the Welfare of All Beings. In general, what it means is:

May All Beings in All the Worlds be Happy!


The happiness quotient has been found to be the basis for Well-being within all humans so people can live in greater Peace and Harmony with each other on the Earth.

Together we will be joining thousands of people around the world that are contributing to the anchoring of the 11:11 Codes for Awakening the Divine Feminine in our DNA and bringing more Well-being to the Earth for 2017.

May this Spiritual Practice support your awakening in every way. Thank you for being a radiant Light to the world.

Sincerely, Shanta Gabriel