New Moon Guidance ~
January 24 - February 23

Happy New Moon Dear Ones,

Does anyone else feel as though they have been plopped into the world of that old book A Stranger in a Strange Land?

I feel the Earth shifting under my feet, and even the action of grounding has become more challenging. To top that off, it seems like energy is moving much faster. There is a part of me that can just let go and get swooped into another dimension. There is also a part of me that is making the effort to slow down and be more conscious. Every moment is different, so our connected heart and grounded presence have become ever more potent.

We each need to honor our own unique experience, allowing others to have theirs. According to our astrologer guide, Kelly Beard: “We are seeding completely new patterns and cycles as an individual contributor to a larger community. We use this time to laser away the non-essential and anything blocking the new vision for the year from taking root. What is most important to you this year of 2020?”

Although we are officially out of the eclipse cycle, I believe the upheaval we are still experiencing is leading us to stabilize who we really are. Surely the growth of our Soul during this time is anchoring our most authentic, divine, true nature in the world. At the same time, we have expanded into Unity consciousness ~ not only Oneness with all that is, but also connection to all humanity and nature.

This is the huge leap that we have been experiencing. Divine Neutrality is our Fall-back Plan right now as we clear out what is of a lower vibration so we can rebuild our lives at a higher frequency. Our Alignment with Source and Earth is pivotal, as we are the Bridge from Heaven to Earth. Visualizing the core Golden Pillar of Light through my energy field has been an important tool for me. That is something I have used since the Harmonic convergence of 1987 and fall back on periodically as it surfaces freely in my imagination.

This month itself is interesting, especially with the creative influence of Uranus, the god of chaos, some have called it. Uranus activations feel like eclipse energies disrupting our flow and creating rapid change. However, this path is leading to a new and brighter day in which you can take great leaps to express your newly expanded self in Radical Trust.

Earlier this week, after an exceptionally powerful Light Activation Session with Barbara, one of our Compassionate Wisdom Circle members, I found myself inspired by the last message that came through my mouth for her. It’s true for all of us as well. Let it be our Affirmation for the Month:

I AM an illumined Soul in a Rainbow Body of Light now anchoring Divine Presence through me onto the Earth…and so it is.

The Gabriel Message of the Month

Allow the Grace of the Angels to work in everyday functions.

Considering we are in a month of rapid change, I find this message heartening. To me, it means that we are being guided and loved along our soul’s journey into unknown dimensional realities, surrounded in Wings of Pure Light. I know the Archangels are truly with us and blessing us during this time so we can be in harmony with our Soul's highest reality.

We are not alone – nor have we ever been. And now especially since the energy on the planet is so elevated and new, we do need powerful support to keep our hearts and minds open to receive all that we need to walk in Radical Trust. It’s appropriate for us to invite this support from all our spiritual resources to bring more Grace and Ease into daily life.

Right now, Radical Trust is this month's powerful act of Faith, Focus and Fortitude. Power words to live by. Although the energy feels very personal, it is universal. Everyone is having an experience of this in their own form. Our ability to stay open in childlike innocence while we allow the wisdom of our Infinite Intelligence to work through us, will be key to our ability to relax and receive.

Know that we are moving into Unity Consciousness and Change is Good!
We are being reborn in Light. This is literally a Spiritual Rebirth. The old structures of 3D and 4D have dissolved and the 5D crystalline grids are now fully operating. Our job is to anchor our Divinity and seed our highest Soul’s trajectory for life in 2020 into them.

Theme of the Month – Joyous Practicality within Rapid Change

In the physical dimensions, we are in a time of strength, power and connection to the Heart of the Mother of the Earth. This grounding presence is the epitome of material success. We have diligently cultivated our connection to our inner self, anchoring this internal focus with our balanced new foundations so we radiate a mountain-like steadiness.

We are becoming in harmony with the seasons, knowing when to plant and when to harvest within our lives. We know the key to our success is in this harmony with Nature. This is true alignment as you bridge Heaven and Earth.

All we do to support our physicality is up for us this month. It’s important to take walks in Nature, especially Forest Bathing – that quiet allowing inside that opens the channels for Nature to speak to us and support every step we take in the world.

Many people are experiencing physical symptoms that relate to the Capricorn effects on our structure; such as bones, teeth, joints. I feel like the refinement that we are experiencing in our energy system is helping us to build that new practical strong and flexible foundation I keep talking about.

Nurturing ourselves,
 self-care, nutrition, enjoying life, resting and sleeping more – these are all the physical aspects that are required so we can thrive in this time.

What does not work for us is Crumbling

If there was ever a time to work with knowing your personal Gyroscope, this is it. We need to know that special gift within our being that brings us back to balance. When your mind is attuned to that place of Equanimity, you will feel Balance more quickly and gracefully.

The masses of humanity have outgrown their old structures on every level. This is one of the reasons there is so much anger, turmoil and confusion. I found this timely quote: “Truth rises like a glimmer of light from the dark and chaotic realm of your subconscious mind." This month is one of rapid change that can either allow us to find our Peaceful Center in the midst of turmoil, or fall into the mass confusion. We have a chance to let go into the element of Freedom, which is in harmony with Divine Flow of all that is Good. When we can match that vibration, our intentions will lead us into a new dimensional frequency that will feel like Home.

These new 5D energetics have a familiar sensation to me. I have found that they respond quite differently than the old ways, even miraculously with synchronicity and delight. But this only happens when I am relaxed, expansive and accept the flow of energy that I am experiencing. The minute I resist the flow, I find myself tumbling in confusion.

States of Peace and Neutrality
 allow us to activate new flashes of Insight that support us as we fall into an unknown future, trusting it is leading us to a new state of Freedom where we can express our Soul’s Highest Reality.

Years ago I had a business planner who suggested that we should start planning our future with the party at the end. As we seed our future, let’s plan the Celebration now! See yourself completing this timeline in Gratitude, expressing your Soul’s gifts, enjoying your Soul Community, and saying “Wow, that was big, now let’s have fun with 5D and enjoy the journey!”

The Communal Soul of our Circle – Starseed

This is an interesting idea, because many in our group are over 50 and may fit into the classification of Starseed, those who came early to the Earth’s dimensional transition so we could show the way. For some it has felt as though we are acting more like bush-wackers than beautifully flowing way-showers, demonstrating to humanity the path of ascension. Although I aspire to be one of those grace-filled beings, at times I feel like I have been tumbled by a tsunami. Inevitably, I find myself panting by the side of the road, bruised and battered, gathering strength for the next leg of the journey – again.

According to the Return to Spirit cards from Cheryl Lee Harnish, as Starseeds we may have come through life feeling as if we did not fit in with the rest of humanity. The dimensional shifts have enabled the rest of humanity to ascend so we all experience a more expansive way of perceiving life. It is much easier to find those we can relate to as we gather our Soul Community in this ascension process.

We are very sensitive souls in this group. We are affected by the thoughts and actions of others, which may not have felt like a gift. We all have very keen intuition and know we came to share our unique skills with the world.

Often we are empowered by our galactic or angelic nature. Recently I found out that my angelic wings can expand behind my heart when I focus on them. Try that and see if they are bigger than they were last time you checked. Surprisingly, your giant wings of Light may even make you feel more grounded when you allow them to unfurl completely. And the colors are iridescent and lovely to behold.

From this Starseed card, we are being asked to develop a deeper connection to our Highest Self so we can receive the enhanced information coming to us now. Quiet times with a focus on your heart are important for you in this time of rapid change. 

Grounding the Wisdom through teachings of the Maori –
Passion – Ahi

(From Wisdom of the Four Winds by Barry Brailsford)

I AM Fire
I AM Creation, flowing as fiery lava to be Nature’s carver
I AM Passion, igniting excitement’s flame to highlight truth’s bright name
I AM vision, birthed in the rising sun, hope offered to everyone.


If Ahi the Fire Carrier has touched into your life this day, you are free to move with assurance to bring about change. You are gifted the power that cleanses, that creates and shapes anew, the transforming power of the sacred flame.

In the realm of the East wind, Hawk gifts the far-seeing eye, to help you see the superficial in your life. Let the flame reveal the truth of your journey. Look closely at the burdens you carry, the baggage you heaped upon yourself and that placed there by others and cast it into the cleansing fires of renewal.

Fire is an agent of powerful change, the spirit that carries all before it. Remember it is our comforter and friend when we move with an open heart and good intent. However, if used to manipulate and control, or forged with anger to hurt, it turns and burns. When the flame bites back, that hurt is of our own making.

Fire is opportunity, the unleashing. If you seek a new stance within a relationship, wish it to be shaped anew or set aside, now is the time to move.

For some Ahi ignites the twin flame that joins soul to soul. This releases powerful energies that flow from the sacred, the purest of passions. Dance within its bright light.

For others Ahi gifts light that opens doors to the new. This is a journey into your excitement, the place where you walk your dreams and find your song.

Our Group Prayer for this Month

Divine Presence,

Thank you for your gifts of expanded perception and an illuminated mind and heart. I am grateful for the power of Balance, Harmony and Peace you are gifting me for this time of change.

May every thought and action be in harmony with my highest Soul's Reality for this time in my life. Thank you for helping me to find that place of true Home within my heart and let that lead my way.

I AM grateful for the spiritual strength, protection and guidance that is helping me to walk my path in Radical Trust. My way is blessed and I AM in alignment with Divine Grace in every moment. And so it is. Thank you God. 

Blessings to you all for this powerful month.

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