New Moon Guidance for January 2020

With Shanta Gabriel and the Compassionate Wisdom Circle

New Moon Guidance ~

December 29, 2019 ~ January 24, 2020


Hello Dear Ones,

As we complete 2019, we have released and let go of what no longer serves us so we can now begin the integration process that allows us to make new choices, empower expansive intentions and open to the Divine Feminine as our source of greater receptivity.

We are in the first awakenings of the New Moon that will take us into the new year 2020. We will encounter a transformational decade encouraging us to clarify what we want to experience as we move forward. We are being expanded beyond our comfort zone by planetary changes in tandem with the eclipse energies that are shaking up our realities for the next few months. That which has been hidden in our subconscious is surfacing into our awareness, forcing us to clear out the old patterns that cause us to feel ungrounded, confused and disappointed in ourselves.

No matter how it feels, we are leaping to a new level. Expanding beyond our known ground causes fear to surface as The Unknown stares us in the face. Our energy systems react to this movement that is beyond who we have been into what we have never experienced. It feels like jumping off the cliff, but we can be like Indiana Jones, taking that scary first step into the canyon on pure Faith. Just like our hero, remember when we have Faith, our path can materialize just as gracefully to take us across the great divide between where we are and where we are going..

The choices we make now will enable us to live more comfortably (operative word) in the higher frequencies. Integration is truly a process. Know that this is a process that has its own timing. When we judge how long it is taking and how we are managing the energy, it slows down the process.

My Balance can be found more easily when I am in Alignment
with the Moon’s subtle energies


Here is information about the Moon phases from Cathy Pagano in her book, Wisdom's Daughters.

A New Moon fertilizes ego consciousness by opening the Unconscious like a womb and planting a seed to be nurtured. During this time we have the opportunity to respond instinctively to the present moment without old patterns interfering. This is the phase when we listen to our body's response whole-heartedly and trust its wisdom. A few days later, a thin crescent Moon appears in the western sky at sunset, sitting like a vision and promise of new life. This phase symbolizes a time when we struggle against inertia. Psychologically we can speak of it as a testing time, when we either fall back into our old patterns and fears or we learn to focus our energies on the new life we sense awaits us, moving forward into our new growth.

During the first quarter Moon phase, it is time in which we challenge ourselves to take some action that will further manifest our goals. Like the hero's journey, this is the time to push through obstacles, both within ourselves and the outer world. When we do, we commit ourselves to finding workable ways to fulfill the promise of the New Moon.

The Gibbous Moon phase occurs when the moon is growing toward fullness but is not yet there. Here we try to analyze and perfect the goals we have been working toward. Sometimes we experience so much outer resistance or run into unexpected details that we feel dissatisfied and discouraged. On an inner level this is the time for self-improvement and analysis, a time to disregard the non-essentials and question what we are doing. Through this search for perfection we hone our skills and perfect our techniques.

The first instinctive part of the cycle finds its completion with the full Moon. This phase is a time of fulfillment if we have worked at the previous part of the cycle, a time when the seed potential begun at the New Moon matures. (I will bring you more information as this moon continues its growth phase and we move closer to the Full Moon.)

The Energies of the Month

It is All Energy.  There have been fiery aspects within the energy of the eclipses that can over-stimulate our nervous systems, especially if we are empathing the stressful energy many people around the world are experiencing. We have been taking a deep dive into unresolved feelings, facing old patterns as we clear the core trauma from our cellular structure now.

The more we can simplify and clear out the old to make space for the new energies, the more uplifted we feel. The more we can take walks in Nature, slow down, rest and be grateful for all that we have in our lives, the more open our hearts will be. We will be also strengthening our energy system through the grounded presence available in Nature. This will allow us to experience the wisdom that is there when we are in harmony with our Soul’s Highest Reality.

This is a time for radical self-love because we may be seeing aspects of ourselves that we thought were gone. An uprising of old attitudes, patterns and emotions is one of the particular gifts the eclipse energy shakes loose.

You are being called to realign with who you want to be in actions, words and behaviors throughout 2020. This will serve by taking our focus away from chasing after outcomes so we can learn to be receptive to a new flow of energy. The teaching is showing us how the Universe is offering the most empowered alignment with our soul.

This Capricorn Solar Eclipse was in the south node, which highlights karmic injustice in society. This eclipse specifically brings forth issues and patterns we need to move beyond into 2020. This New Moon is providing a powerful Zero point for our compassionate release and gentle clearing. These shifts are not something the ego can control; it is the role our Higher Self has taken along with our spiritual teachers, masters, guides, and angels who are guiding us through emotional density into higher frequencies of consciousness.

We are witnessing the collapse of the old patriarchal power structure and 3D energy grid. We have been seeing and experiencing all that is no longer sustainable in the 5D energies of the New Earth. All that we create from now on needs to be with cooperative Win-Win solutions on all levels. Our crystalline core DNA was activated from the 12:12 energies through the 12/21 Solstice. This has caused an emotional purging which causes many of our relationships to be transformed.

There may be an interim period of solitude as the deep core inner healing takes place and before your new soul family shows up. For some, it can feel like you are a ghost walking around in your reality as you notice the contrast between who you are and who you aspire to be. Yet you are noticing a heightened awareness which can strengthen your resolve, engage your resilience in order to create a new reality that is in more harmony with your true divine nature.

We have been through a deep shadow time that may have undermined your self-confidence. Perhaps this has revealed deep fears that you will not fulfill your Soul’s purpose and brought a sense of separation from your Divinity. You will be able to make more progress if you can compassionately embrace, accept and love these shadow aspects of your nature. As we become more loving to ourselves, it lifts our frequencies so we can expand into a renewed commitment for self care, rest and alignment with our Soul’s Truth and Purpose.

This is our opportunity to sincerely create anew. There is a reset of our energy systems from this place of zero point. The framework of our lives is up for grabs as we sort through the habitual patterns that may have risen in our faces. Kelly Beard has told us that the eclipses reactivate larger cycles and themes. This current eclipse season reflects back to the years 1990-1992, 2000-2002, and 2009-2011. These were very rough years for me that highlighted amazing new expansion and total loss of everything I had known and valued.

This eclipse felt like tilling the soil of my life. As the new soil was tumbled, I unearthed all that holds me back from a life that fulfills my soul’s highest reality. Our challenge is to accept, honor and reclaim these aspects of ourselves as we seed the life we truly want to live moving into 2020 and beyond. 


Gabriel Message for this Month

Gratitude opens the door to feeling God’s Love.


Gratitude is a responsible, creative and very fast technique to feel more empowered by raising your frequencies. Through Heartmath, we have discovered the science behind the deep coherence within us when we place our hands on our hearts and breathe in Gratitude. Gratitude sent into our hearts with the breath deepens the Love we feel for ourselves and our lives. From this place, we can move forward in balance reflecting the highest reality of our Soul in the new decade of 2020.

It is a great time to start a Gratitude Journal. When we focus on what we are grateful for, even if it is not in physical manifestation yet, we raise the frequencies we experience and uplift our energy systems. The Gratitude Journal also provides a great place to go to in those shadowy times when we are not aware. Just the reminder of what you have been grateful for is a powerful support for staying in harmony with your Soul.


Theme for the Month - Alignment with Divine Will

This is a great question to ask yourself while making decisions this month:  Am I in Alignment with my will or Divine Will? 

An eclipse is an Alignment with the Sun, Moon and the Earth. It will show
us in what area we are out of alignment.

Pray to remember your Alignment with Source energy. It is also helpful to write down your experiences, feelings and miracles. There is a Divine Flow working in and through us at all times. Writing from that stream of consciousness allows you to release frustration and expectations that have overwhelmed you. Writing may bring forth the deeper feelings and desires of the heart. When you move into a deeper understanding, you are able to accept your life as it is and commend all that you are experiencing to a Higher Power.

You are writing for yourself to begin a new decade and process for your life. Perhaps at another time what comes through you will be of use to others as well. As we move into the changing spectrum 2020 brings, life will be moving very fast. Perhaps it seems like the miracles are so amazing that we will remember all that is happening in the biggest change humanity has ever experienced.

But know that you are transforming very quickly. If you don’t have a record to jog your memory, you will really not be able to bring forth and integrate the expanded perspectives that are available to you. And you will have even more to be grateful about at a later date.

You have deep wisdom inside you¬†that could be appreciated by and influence others as you share. But in this time, you are writing for yourself without judgment or expectation of outcomes. You may consider it ‚Äúpriming the pump.‚Ä̬† The flow of energy as you write stimulates the creative aspects of your being, which can be incredibly useful at this precious time.

Deep Purpose, Challenge and Reality ~


The eclipse is a perfect demonstration of Alignment with the Moon, Sun and Earth. They shake up our realities so that we can find our new place of Alignment.

The reality that we are seeing on the surface is so chaotic that we must trust that there is a greater Divine Order within it all. We are all participating in the transformation of life on Earth. It’s messy and often confusing. Compassion for yourself is vital. We live in an unprecedented time of change. The more quickly we can access the Courage to turn towards Divine Light in every moment, the more gracefully we will birth the new consciousness.

We are also in a time of introspection and discovery. All that seems disruptive now pushes us to learn our lessons, process and integrate new information and gain a higher level of awareness. Our inner Spirit is ignited in this process, allowing our natural state of Abundance to occur. This IS the Ascension we came to experience. The best way to participate and fulfill our soul's mission is to create a peaceful place of Gratitude in our hearts and hold the Light for ourselves and all humanity.


From the Maori - Grounding the Teachings ~ Gentleness

from Wisdom of the Four Winds by Barry Brailsford

In the Maori gardens, the Ti Kauka or Cabbage Tree was planted on the lower slopes to hold the power - the mana - of the women. This tree is not of men - not of power and purpose, its spirit is of the feminine, the gentleness and nurturing. 

The Cabbage Tree, brings you to a time of change that is nurtured in gentleness. Remember this is a place of the mind, the wintertime of the sage who needs to be reminded that youth still runs free to explore the world in innocence and trust.

Ti Kauka encourages you to look to your roots, to family, to your wider heritage and cultural strengths. You are the sum of all that has ever been, a unique being, and the result of a rich weave of colored strands. Hold your many gifts close and bring them into the fullness of your life. 

Try to understand the story of those who have gone before you, remember your ancestors, seek harmony within family. In the strength of Ti Kauka, come to the place where forgiveness sets you free. 

Ti Kauka teaches us truth is paradox. The stronger the wind blows the less Ti Kauka’s leaves  resist its power. Becoming one with the tempest, accepting its overwhelming energy, they ride its excitement. This tree gives way but does not yield. It is open, unresisting and yet free. This is the path of gentleness, the way founded on the courage and strength to let go. It is time to walk beyond the need to control.

Finally Ti Kauka helps us lift our heads high to see the wider world. It opens the way to many realms. Its roots travel deep into the Earth, its limbs reach for the heavens, and its leaves shift safely within the storm. It is easy to lose ourselves in the place of the head, yet to grow into wholeness we must embrace more. Find yourself again. Find purpose, and in purpose discover the dream once more. Ti Kauka calls all to completion.

Affirmation for the Month

I AM now a powerful receiver for the Divine Flow of Love, Wellbeing, Opportunity and Abundant Resources in my life for 2020 and beyond.

Prayer for the Month

Divine Presence,

Thank you for opening the way for me to receive the blessings from the new energies of 2020. Help me to be receptive to the feminine flow of Divine Energy that provides for all my needs. I now allow myself to feel nurtured, nourished and empowered by life in the coming year.

Thank you for opening the way for expanded awareness of Clarity, Courage and Creative inspiration in my life. May I develop a new level of Self-care, Compassion and Patience for myself as I move through the 5D Frequencies of the New Earth.

May Peace prevail in the hearts of all people and Wellbeing be experienced throughout the world. Thank you God and so it is.

In this time of Sacred Awakening, may you feel prepared to open into the beautiful flow of Light of 2020. May you receive deeply the Divine Feminine Presence available to grace your life. In this time of New Year, may all that you are expand to bring forth your Soul's Highest Reality, and may all your needs be fulfilled with Grace and Ease. God bless you and thank you for being a part of my life.

Love and Blessings,