Mt. Shasta Journal

Mt. Shasta-April 2011


Greetings from the Sacred Mountain,

Did anyone else notice a shift in energy last Saturday? Things really lightened up. There was a part of me that felt set free on the New Moon, June 9. I awoke so thrilled that in the early hours of the morning, I found myself spontaneously singing that old hymn, “Rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice!” I never cease to be amazed when these strange things surface from the deepest recesses of my brain, since I had very little upbringing in traditional Christian churches. Nearly 60 years ago, when I was about 9, I searched out a church in the town where I lived, traveling on my bike every Sunday to a different one, until I settled on the Episcopal Church. Mostly because I loved the altar with all its shiny brass, beautiful cloths and exalted flower arrangements. I joined the choir there and was actively involved until we moved a few years later, so maybe that is where the hymn came from. Wherever, it is still a lively, exuberant and joyous song and fit my mood on that day.

On that New Moon, June 9, there was no connection to a church, it was the purest download of joy-filled energy from Archangel Gabriel I had received in months. The divine impulse to write was so compelling, it resulted in the recent newsletter and post on website. The presence of Divine Light was so strong that a beautiful guided meditation just flew out of me, and a recording was made. I called this meditation “Awakening and Anchoring Light” and it is available for free listening on Gabriel’s website. I love it when there is such a strong force of Light that works through me and can be used as part of my service on the Earth so I can share. It is a wonderful meditation and I have been listening myself all week.

While you are there, check out the new look on my website. It was hacked last month and needed to be completely redone. It felt very strange and invasive to have such a thing happen on a spiritual site. My wonderful webperson, Lana Walker, put it back togeether better than ever. I totally LOVE the way it looks now.

The Warm Jello Continues

This lightening of the energy was especially welcomed because the energetics have felt as though they were dragging this past month. For me, the effort to accomplish anything has been almost more than I could do. I have tried to keep it simple with walks in Nature and working in the garden. To keep up with my websites and the daily inspiration has felt monumental. I am very grateful I do not have a “real job.” It has been difficult also to sort out the energies because they seem to change before I get any clarity about them.

Emotional balance has been key as there seems to be so much upheaval in the world, it would be easy to get caught in the outer situations. I know our centered place of calm is extremely essential for all of us right now. As within so without is a powerfully true state of being. The energy frequencies that we hold absolutely affect the world around us, and draw to us what we focus on like magnets. We are way showers for many who are feeling lost, as well as an anchoring presence for Divine Light in the world. This Light holds the powers for the Love and Intelligence of God, and it is more available than ever before.

We are building momentum for the Solstice this June 21. An extremely powerful time is here now as it feels as though the contracted energy will finally loosen up as we move into full summertime expression. The southern hemispheres are actually having a similar energetic even though they are moving into their Winter Solstice. Once again I have found myself volunteering to lead a teleconference for the Solstice on June 21. For the very human part of me, this is a big challenge because I rarely know what I will say in the conference in advance. Although I can make an outline, it seems I am required to open myself to the guidance and wisdom of the Archangels and fling myself into Faith. Although this is good practice for life nowadays, it is still unsettling for my very sensitive nervous system. I do know that the intention is to anchor as much Light as we can within our beings and use it to open the gateways for the next season moving to Equinox on September 21. As is said, “Fear with a breath becomes excitement,” and that is what I am experiencing more and more these days. More information about the Solstice Tele-gathering is on the Resources site where all the products and information about private sessions and classes reside.

I am calling our class “Through the Wormhole into the Light,” because it really did feel as though we were squeezed through a wringer during this rare 3-Eclipse cycle. We are truly being flung into new Radical Awakening. That is why it feels like so much of a pressure cooker, and that is what we learned from Star Trek about wormholes! Anyway let’s use this Light! It is very powerful right now and the opportunity for us to make a difference in our evolution is right now.

Those who received my newsletter may have noticed that the Equinox was labeled as October 21. Please be advised that I am aware that Solstice is September 21. October has been in my consciousness while seeking out a retreat house to hold my “Bridging Heaven and Earth” retreat October 10-13,  I am also sensing that Archangel Gabriel may have had an underlying motive to use that date as some sort of culmination point for our momentum in 2013. This has been the most interesting energetic year of my lifetime, in the sense of manifestation and change. It has been like standing on shifting sands. Another reason inner balance has become a powerful spiritual practice.

Only in Mt. Shasta

In the section of this journal that can be called – “Only in Mt. Shasta” – I have demonstrations that life is new and in this town I feel  gifted. Driving down Mt. Shasta Blvd a few weeks ago., in the parking area of a converted gas station that is now a shop named Shamballa, I saw a Tibetan monk in full costume joyfully kicking a ball around with a few young boys. It was such an unusual sight that was tickled in my heart and I laughed out loud. I wanted to pull over and watch but I was on my way to an appointment. I heard later that there is a Tibetan monk staying in Mt. Shasta for a few months. He is apparently on his own retreat, (except for sports apparently), and will come out periodically for wisdom teachings. There is a woman in town with a beautiful house set aside for these teachings, meditations, and chanting. There have been several Buddhist monks giving Dharma talks there this year, and more to come. It is an interesting cultural experience to be here as well. In a large amphitheater in town the St. Germain Foundation will present a two day dramatic rendering for free at the end of June. There are numerous big-name teachers who come here for weekend retreats. Lee Carroll and Kryon will be here over the Solstice. Such an expansive place to live and so many choices.

On another day I went to buy my favorite snack and trail food called a Marathon Bar at Yaks Cafe. (There are some who also call it a California Bar because it is filled with fruits, nuts and flakes.) These large snacks are a substantial offering that can be incredibly satisfying in those moments when food is necessary and one is away from home. On this day I was short $1 for the bar. The young woman at the counter offered to “front” me the money. It was such a surprising offer that I resisted for a moment, but gave in when I knew that it would be the last chance to buy my favorite snack for numbers of days. They sell out quickly. Within an hour or so I was able to pay her back, and she was genuinely surprised that I did. She was perfectly willing to give the money to me. Have you ever had that happen for you in a coffee shop? There are open hearts and smiles in Mt. Shasta everywhere I look.

We have had some unseasonably hot weather inspiring many people to swim in Lake Siskiyou months earlier than usual. The heat has also melted much of the snow on Mt. Shasta leaving shapes of birds and hearts that are rarely seen. The heat is not good news in California bringing early wild fires as well. There seems to be no normal in the weather we have all been experiencing. In my prayers I ask for Divine Grace to be present and offer blessings for the wild places left on Earth at this time. They are so precious and important to the balance of life.

Mt. Shasta 5/2013

May you all be blessed with Balance and receive the wisdom of Divine Light in this powerful time.

Namaste, Shanta

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