Flower Essence Program

Custom Essences Each Month to Support Your Growth

Experience the beautiful support of flower essences each month!

Flower EssencesEvery month I create a custom essence to support participants in the Flower Essence Program. The essences address life issues and challenges, and help to clear imbalances that are ready to be released.

Theme for the Month

Each month of the program, there is a theme or Principle of Consciousness to focus on. Our work together sets up an empowered vortex of energy to manifest this focus in our lives.

The flower essences chosen demonstrate clearly for us where there are blocks, and what we need to address this situation. We receive the assistance from the Divine Masters, the Angels of the flower essences, and the Archangels to help us work toward the fruition of these Divine Principles.

This provides a supportive foundation for our evolution and the creation of the New Earth within and around us.

How does it work?

Each month you will receive a package with a Custom Flower Essence containing 4 to 8 different essences addressing imbalances in your energy system for the next month.

I also email you an mp3 recording that reviews your flower essences and any insights that might be affecting your life. These recordings are usually about 10-20 minutes in length and pertain to the month you are moving into energetically.

"The theme is going well, lots of creative ideas coming. Becoming much more in touch with my guidance. Started the process of writing my book. Stepping out in faith."

"I love receiving your recording each month. It makes me feel so close to you and your insights are invaluable."

What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are subtle liquid extracts of different wild flowers, which are used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development and mind-body health. Dr. Edward Bach developed his flower essences in the 1930s in England, and they have been widely used and researched in Europe for decades.

Dr. Bach was a maker of vaccines for his patients in the 1920s. He noticed that the physical symptoms usually returned even with his carefully prepared formulas. He began to experiment with the idea that if the emotional and personality imbalances were addressed that people would have more opportunity for healing.

Dr. Bach used common flowers in the English countryside for his famous Bach Flower Remedies. They began gaining popularity in the United States in the 70s and have since gained world-wide professional recognition for their significant contribution to holistic health and wellness programs.

I was certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner in 1981. Since that time I have worked with hundreds of people creating individual essences that serve to provide great support for their daily lives.

How are they used and chosen?

I have sets of Flower Essences from a number of different well-researched companies to choose from in preparing your personal flower essence (around 300 different essences). Using a system of dowsing that I've developed over the past 30+ years, I create an essence from the intentions sent to me through email by those who join in the Monthly Flower Essence Program.

Each essence is specific for your requirements for the next month of your life. They address life issues that register in your energy field and help to clear the imbalances that show up for you and are ready to be released.

As our Soul progresses on its path of growth and learning, patterns of behavior become all too obvious and often uncomfortable. With the assistance of flower essences, these issues are lightened and can be gracefully released.

The Flower Essences are taken a few drops at a time internally. Chemically they register as only brandy and water. The flowers themselves were originally placed in the sun in the spring water to be solarized and empowered with the essence of the flower. Brandy is added as a stabilizer and preservative. These essences will not interfere with your prescribed medicines.

They are energetic and contain no physical structure of the flower itself, thus the flower essences work on a very intuitive level. This is a phenomenon called “resonance,” as when a guitar string sounds when a matching note is sung. The specific structure and shape of the life forces conveyed by each flower essence resonate with, and awaken, particular qualities within the human soul.

You can take 4 drops under your tongue several times a day, or place 12 drops into a small water bottle so you can be sipping all day from your essence. You can also place 5-8 drops in a glass of water. When your bottle is 1/3 to 1/4 gone, you can refill with brandy, spring or purified water, then shake it 108 times and you will have another round of your flower essence.

I love the new focus and approach to the program -- thanks for sharing your awakenings with us.

How to get started

The Monthly Flower Essence Program is $44 per month for a 12-month subscription, which is billed automatically each month through PayPal. (You need to have a PayPal account.) You can cancel this subscription as long as it is canceled before the next month's essence is sent to you.

To begin the program, you have a Flower Essence Reading with me. This reading is about one hour, and you will receive a Flower Essence and recording. You will then be energetically connected for the continuing program. Sign up below and then send me an email stating life intentions or goals that you choose for your optimum future self.

After this reading, you will start receiving your monthly packages.

The program will last for one year or for as long as you enjoy receiving your monthly essences. You can cancel the program as long as your next month's essence has not been mailed.

Step 1: Purchase Your Flower Essence Reading

Flower Essence Reading - Monthly Program
Flower Essence Reading - Monthly Program
Initial reading for the Monthly Flower Essence Program
Price: $145.00
Price: $99.00

After you purchase the reading, contact Shanta at shanta@shantagabriel.com to set up your appointment. The first reading is around one hour. The price includes shipping your first personal essence within the U.S. There may be an additional shipping charge of $15 for outside the country. The recording (mp3) from your reading is also included.

Step 2: Subscribe to the Monthly Program

Please complete the purchase for your reading, then subscribe to the program.

Monthly Flower Essence Program
Monthly Flower Essence Program
Automatically billed each month. PayPal account required.
Price: $44.00

If you have any questions about the Monthly Flower Essence Program or Flower Essence Reading, please contact Shanta at shanta@shantagabriel.com.