Messages from Archangel Gabriel

An E-book about Balance


The people of the Earth are in great need of Peace and Balance right now, both in their daily lives as well as in their hearts. Emotions are intense in the world at large and a balancing place within each person is required for inner peace to occur, as well as Peace on Earth. Many people are seeking sanctuary on a very literal basis, both physically as well as emotionally.

Archangel Gabriel has said that a personal spiritual practice creates a powerful sense of Sanctuary within you, as a beautiful sacred space for you to enter on a daily basis. In this place, you retrain and rewire your energy system to hold the higher frequencies and learn to bring Spirit into matter within you.

Your spiritual practice becomes a way of spiritualizing your world so that there is no separation between your personal life, your work life and your spiritual life. This unification allows you the freedom to experience life in a new, more expansive and joyous way.

During Spring Equinox, an international group of people joined me for 11 days to dedicate our spiritual practice to Balance - within ourselves and on the Earth. Every day Archangel Gabriel would offer us an inspiring and practical message that transmitted the vibrational frequencies of Balance into our energy systems in a powerful way. This e-book contains those transmissions within the beautiful messages that were offered.

Let yourself relax and receive each one of these messages in a way that allows you to drink the transmissions of Balance deep into your heart. You may consider reading one before you start your day to help you feel centered and inspired.

This e-book offers you a solid base of Balance and Peace to ground you as you empower your life to include a spiritual practice, even if it is only five or ten minutes per day.

May you find that sacred temple within your heart so you can thrive as you blend the spiritual world and material in every area of your life.

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Messages from Archangel Gabriel About Balance - Ebook
Messages from Archangel Gabriel About Balance - Ebook
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