Message from Archangel Gabriel ~ Alignment ~ 1/1/2017

Your Message from Archangel Gabriel for January 1, 2017

Dear Ones,

You are a most auspicious group of Souls who have been seeking to express your Soul Purpose for many years. You have landed in a Sacred Circle that has been diligently anchoring the Divine Light of Unity Consciousness all over the world.

Prayer Vigils are a profound way of gathering energy to be focused for a good purpose. An Anusthan is the Hindu version of this ancient custom that expands the Light and like a laser, sends it where you are placing your attention.

Science has proven the efficacy of prayer and focused meditation in many studies. Your consciousness makes a profound difference in your experience of Life. The spiritual practice that you began today is essentially to raise your vibration first and help to clear away all the old patterns of thought, word and deed that no longer serve you. With Grace and Ease, Divine Light will transmute the old frequencies through the power of this group focus.

Your prayers and intentions raise your frequencies to open into the pure Flow of Divine Light that is available always and is like the River of All Creation. This is the flow of Divine Source Energy. As you focus your attention, you are aligning with your Soul Star. This is the part of you that is your most Divine Self and that which knows your Highest Soul’s Reality. Your Alignment with this energy allows you to receive Divine Love into every area of your life and act as a catalyst for New Life Awakening within you.

You must be very gentle and compassionate with yourself throughout these eleven days and let the sacred Light of Peace permeate every area of your life. Through this Anusthan you are nourishing your body to the very cellular structure with Divine Light. Like a tree operating in Photosynthesis, you are literally feeding your energy system.

Let your heart receive this Divine Substance of Light energy. As you do this you are activating the sacred geometry of the Torus, which is the magnetic field surrounding your heart. Know that the Torus is a regenerating field that will continuously circulate the Light you anchor in your heart throughout your blood stream. Breathe that concept into your heart and allow this empowered magnetic field to do its work within you.

When you allow the Source energies of Divine Light to flow down the natural manifestation currents in the energy field around and through your body, you are feeding the Earth with the power of Divinity from Source and allowing it to descend through your chakra system to anchor on the Earth.

As you do this you are anchoring Light into the Earth Star that is connected to the crystalline grid of the Earth. Like mushrooms and plants that have a common root system, Wellbeing floods the Earth from this Wellspring of Light.

As you bask in the wondrous Beauty of this sweet Earth you are allowing yourself to be nourished with new Vitality and Stability for the structures you are creating for this New Year. One person aligned in this sacred current of Source Energy becomes a Beacon of Light to the world.

All of these amazing aspects of Awakening Life are only a small part of what you are doing as you commit to this spiritual practice.. May all that you do be multiplied in the Grace of Divine Love being activated in and through you on this auspicious day. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
January 1, 2017

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