Message from Archangel Gabriel ~ Divine Timing ~ 1/4/2017

Day 4 – New Year’s Anusthan

Did you feel the momentum gathering this morning Dear Ones? It is a potent power that is very stimulating. You may be receiving downloads of more Clarity and Vision for the new life you are creating in 2017.

In the old days this would have been the time for you to take it out into the world and announce the new amazing things you have to offer. That is the way the masculine energy works. Go out there and make it happen!

Yet we are in a time of creation for the New Earth and how it will allow you to function in harmony with your Soul Purpose. This means that we need to build the energetic structures that will allow it to function when the time is right. When the energy is building this can be very frustrating so patience is required.

As Archangel Gabriel says: Without Patience you will never understand the meaning of Divine Timing.

There are important insights today from the Angelic Dimensions for this phenomenon.

Your Message from Archangel Gabriel
for January 4, 2017

Dear Ones,

You can feel the energy building for the New Year now. It may resemble the energy of horses at the starting gate, gathering power for the forward momentum that is surely coming.

This is a crucial time when your new future is not ready to move into the dimensions and direction that will serve your next steps in life. This is true even though you may have received clear guidance and even Epiphanies about what is possible for you.

Instead you are gathering the power of Divine Light frequencies, and anchoring this energy into the Earth to create the new foundations for your life. This is the Divine Feminine at work creating form out of Light. These are the matrix structures of sacred geometry being created for your new light body so it can hold the energy of the blended Divine Human.

It is necessary to make your new structures strong and flexible. Use these Fields of Light to expand your energy system to hold the qualities of consciousness you most need to be able to manifest your new reality in alignment with your Soul’s Highest Purpose.

In this creation process you are building Fortitude and that is a powerful Virtue. Some may find the concept old-fashioned, yet there is a power in this ancient frequency that has not been prevalent in modern times. Fortitude is an energy that will allow you to stand in your Truth, to be courageous and strong enough to hold your vision of a new reality no matter what appearances are showing you.

So we counsel you to allow Fortitude to be a part of your intentional reality you put forth on this day. As you do this you bless the new structures you creating in your energy system with the power of those frequencies. The energy of Fortitude is in alignment with the presence of Divinity in your human energy system. It is also in alignment with the nurturing presence of the Divine Feminine anchoring on the Earth, which is laying the foundation for a new more flexible reality that is in harmony with the changing energy stems in the 5th Dimensional world.

So gather your energy on this day, dear Light Bearers of a Heart Centered Consciousness. Feel the Divine Presence working in the flow of the exalted Light Frequencies and let your heart fill with its Love. Expand your energy bodies within the sacred Matrix of your life to hold Divine Love. As you do this you become a radiant beacon of Divine Love to all humanity.

Revel in the energy. You don’t have to make anything happen with it except Bask in the Wonder of Divine Love working in your heart so it can impulse your new life in 2017.

Get used to allowing the flow of Light to stimulate Well Being in your lower chakras. As you do this you are also allowing the impulse of Creativity to be a catalyst in every area of your life The new spark of creativity you will experience allows you to see more clearly through the cosmic veils. You will also receive new insights and profound revelations about your Divine Purpose and how it manifests in your world.

It is very exciting but it is the time for Fortitude within so you can complete the energetic structures that will allow you to take those new ideas into the world in full joyous manifestation of your dreams.

Feel the Oneness being empowered in the Pillar of Golden Light enfolding you, and sense the resonance in your body as you anchor Divine Light on Earth for the good of all humanity.

May all receive the impulse of the Divine Feminine within them to bring more Love, Infinite Abundance, and Eternal Peace into their world so all are blessed. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 4, 2017

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