Message from Archangel Gabriel about the 11:11 Codes – 1/2/2017

Your Message from Archangel Gabriel for January 2, 2017

Dear Ones,

We will speak today of the 11:11 Codes for the Awakening Consciousness on the Earth. These Light codes which have lain dormant in your DNA for eons of time, were activated on the Earth in the year 1991, as a return of Divinity in Angelic form within all beings. The presence of the Archangels was committed to the Earth’s awakening at that time to anchor the waves of Divine Light that had began at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Many were empowered by this Angelic event on 11:11, 1991 and gathered to celebrate and welcome the angels on to the Earth through their own human forms. Many joined in elaborate spiral dance steps to bring Heaven to Earth through them and volunteered to be emissaries for this divine mission. As you can imagine, Shanta was one of those people.

As a result of the activation of those codes, the Archangels opened the Gateways to the Divine Feminine and created the empowered 11:11 Portal that is opened to any who notice the 11:11 on any day or night. They stand at the cosmic gates and await your prayers and intentions. It is that moment when you can choose to walk into the manifestation of your dreams. Of course it is even more empowered on November 11, and during the expanded gateway of consciousness for these eleven days.

The firing of the 11:11 codes, radiating the frequencies for awakening humanity, has occurred more and more frequently since 2012 until it is rare to find someone with a digital clock who has not noticed it happening. Those that do not have access to digital clocks are finding gateways in nature that hold the codes in recognition of the Oneness within all things.

And now we are here in the New Year of 2017. Once again the Archangels can be found working very closely with the Earth, activating the divine frequencies and holding the 11:11 Gateways open, available to all those who wish to anchor the Divine within them as a blended human.

During this auspicious time, that for many began on the Solstice, the veils are very thin between the worlds. The presence of Angels during the Christmas season just passed was noticed by many and only acknowledged by some. Nevertheless the doorways to Greater Perception and Alignment with Source energy are available.

When you can create the familiarity within your human form with higher light frequencies you will notice a profound shift occurring within you that will not only awaken Divine Consciousness within your life, it will Light Up the World. The golden light working in and through your soul is elevating your perceptions, inspiring new awareness and guiding your foot steps on a new path. This pathway is one your soul has longed for to give more purpose to your life and allow your soul’s gifts to be used for the awakening of Light in the Hearts of All Humanity. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
January 2, 2017

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