Message from Archangel Gabriel – Earth Awakening – 1/8/2017

Day 8 – New Year’s Anusthan

It felt like a powerful new world was awakening for me today in my Anusthan practice. The resonance of the LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKINOH BHAVANTU mantra felt so much stronger than ever before. After the message today from Archangel Gabriel, I am guessing that a tipping point occurred to empower the receptivity of the Earth grids as well as the hearts of all beings through the download of Divine Love yesterday.

And because Sanskrit holds the frequencies of transformation within the sound, I am guessing that saying the words of any of the mantras today becomes much more powerful when used in the expansive Light of that Love.

I looked up the translation this morning of the full Prayer for the Welfare of All Beings given me by my guru 40 years ago. Aside from some purely Indian interpretations about the cows and Brahmins that do not translate, the intention within the prayer is what most people are holding as the Light within the expansive frequencies they hold for the Earth.

Many of us have been very inspired by the rulers on the island of Bhutan who discovered that the happiness quotient of the people is directly related to the Wellbeing of the country. At this specific point in time, my prayer is that the new leaders of the US be inspired to KNOW that truth.

Certainly the focus of this group is a heart centered intention for empowering Wellbeing and New Life to awaken within the minds and hearts of all humanity. Here are some of the anchoring frequencies for this prayer. As you know, the last line Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu basically means “May All Beings in All the Worlds Be Happy.” And the frequencies within that phrase hold the blessings in the lines that follow.

May all the people enjoy prosperity. May the rulers protect the Earth by following the rules of justice, and may all the people in the world be happy.

May it rain at the proper time and the Earth be full of abundant crops. May the world be free from agitation and may all live safely.

May all be happy, may all be healthy, may all see good everywhere, and may no one be unhappy.

May a wicked person become a virtuous one, may a virtuous person attain peace, may a peaceful person be free from bondage, and may one free of bondage liberate others.

May all surmount difficulties, may all see goodness everywhere, may all have their harmonious desires fulfilled, and may all live in joy everywhere on Earth.

And may we have a rousing, SO BE IT!

Your Message from Archangel Gabriel
for January 8, 2017

Dear Ones,

You have set out in this endeavor to anchor the transcendent 11:11 codes onto the Earth. Today in response, there is much activity within the earthly realms to receive these frequencies. The Earth has a resonance that is in harmony with the 11:11 codes, and as such can act as a Great Receiver that drinks in the empowered presence of God’s Love.

The elemental kingdom, and indeed all of Life on Earth, is being activated by this influx of Divine Light into the earthly realms because these exalted frequencies hold the crystalline grid patterns for the New Earth awakening now. The response of these realms to frequencies of Light being transmitted by millions of souls who honor and respect the Earth, has been unprecedented.

There has been a quickening to allow the Earth to slough off the old patterns that have been anchored from the old paradigm for centuries and the Earth is responding with the creation of new anchor points for Divine Light to exist within the crystalline grids for 5D. This is indeed cause for celebration because it means that the Earth herself is ascending in accordance with the frequencies being held by the lightworkers who have so diligently focused so much Divine Love for the planet.

You have become a part of this rising frequency of ascension so that the planetary body and your earthly bodies work as one self-sustaining mechanism that is in pure resonance and alignment with the Highest Will of God for Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance.

The expansion of Light through the Earth grids now will help to anchor the 5th Dimensional realities of Peace and Harmony within each person’s heart. That peace is expanding and reflected in the Earth below allowing this resonance to act as a tuning fork for all life on Earth.

When activities that are not in harmony with this resonant frequency of Eternal Peace occur, they will not be able to get a foothold on this New Earth. Those dissonant activities will more than likely self-implode.

There are powerful protections being set into place for the incubation of these new vibrations in harmony with the resonance of Peace. That means that wherever you place your focus and hold the higher frequencies for Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace, there you will live.

Life will be changing very radically moment to moment so the new foundational structures you are creating for Wellbeing within you and on the Earth will be activating an interesting flexibility in order  to be stabilized within you. Even though that sounds paradoxical, in the 5th Dimensional frequencies, that is how it works. Because of this, you will find yourself responding in new ways to all Life.

Remember above all that you are being supported and blessed. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 8, 2017

Note from Shanta: Just in case you were wondering, yesterday’s message from Archangel Gabriel was not written in November, but truly was written January 7, 2017.

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