Day 11 – New Year’s Anusthan

On our last day together in this Anusthan practice we have been blessed in ways I have not experienced in many years. I offer to you all my profound gratitude for joining me so we could use the energy of the group to venture into states of Oneness where we could not go by ourselves.

Let yourself gently integrate all that we have done. Go back through the teachings day by day and honor the synchronicities during the auspicious days from January 1 through 11, that showed up for each of us in our own life. It was amazing to me that each day I wrote of my experience there was at least one person that wrote back in agreement and detailing how that energy looked in their lives. (I apologize for those who were also breaking things yesterday. I am still cleaning my smoothie from nooks and crannies in my cupboards where it spilled when my favorite cup broke.)

The way I deal with a day like that is to do the minimum I have to do and go to bed early. I always wake up more rested and ready for a new day to awaken around me. I have learned hard lessons that trying to push through the energy does not work.

But I digress, today for the daily Inspiration with my coffee, I was guided to the book, Autobiography of a Yogi. i have not opened that book in years. On January 5 when i talked about Yogananda’s birthday, his saintly presence showed up at the dinner table of one of our group. Talk about synchronicity! And she had never read his book or knew anything about him.

Back to this morning, I started at the beginning of the book but when it got to the part about Yogananda’s parents finding their guru, I had to go to the chapter about their guru, Lahiri Mahasaya. He has been a beloved teacher for me in the etheric realms in this lifetime since I lived at a Yogananda retreat center for two years at the turn of this century in 2000. His picture in the book always has a profound affect on my heart. I used to stare at the picture in the meditation hall at the ashram, and our invocation always included he and all the teachers of Yogananda back to Jesus and Babaji.

Anyone who has not seen the movie Awakening, I highly recommend it. It is about the life of Paramahansa Yogananda.

I give you that background because in my Anusthan practice today, after my Alignment and deep breaths, after my 108 repetitions of the mantra for happiness in the world, in that quiet moment I was blessed by the presence of Lahiri Mahasaya. I burst into tears as my heart melted but he brought me back. He told me to do my breathing practice and just receive the energy lest it be lost in the emotions that wanted to rise to the surface.

This is a powerful teaching because our spirit speaks through our emotional state and there is a certain time when the purification of the heart requires us to release all the old pain from the past. However, there comes a point when we are being blessed by the exalted frequencies of the Divine and our job at that time is to be a pure conduit and allow the gifts of this energy to come into our bodies freely and transform us from the inside out. Spiritual energy has a profound affect on the heart. it is the delicious feeling that we all crave in our lives. It is the reason we do our spiritual practice diligently day after day, sometimes feeling like we are in a vacuum,.

And then the payoffs come for our diligence and we receive the darshan of saintly beings, the sense of being held in Wings of Pure Light, and/or the creative presence of the Mother of All Life. Even though these gifts are not what we strive to experience, they let us know in a profound way that we are on the right track and that we are not alone.

All the rest of the time, we sit in Trust and walk in Faith that we are being shown the way, no matter how dark it may appear. We pray for Grace in our  lives and on our path so the way will be shown to us.

In conclusion of this very long message, the synchronicity continued this morning. As I was feeling profound gratitude for the Grace of my spiritual practice, there was a loud barking at my back door while I was writing our message from Gabriel today. I did my best not to be interrupted but the barking continued. It was my landlord’s dog wanting to visit at a very early hour. I completed the message before I let her into my house and my sacred space. Not surprisingly Synchronicity Lovers, the dog’s name is Grace and I found it necessary to let her into my life. We all need to receive the profound Grace that is ours on this day of completion and always, no matter what form it comes in.

Blessings of Pure Gratitude to you my dear ones, Thank you again for joining me. We will be doing another Anusthan around the March Equinox if you feel drawn to this practice. There will also be other times for us to be together before then so expect more information to be coming.

For those who will be joining our Full Moon Teleconference, we will still be in the Light of these 11:11 gateways. For our meditation we will walk through the Gateways of Light to receive the gifts of our intentions. We will integrate the power of the Divine together, and anchor Divine Light on to the Earth for the Wellbeing of All Humanity. I hope you can join us.

I am profoundly grateful that I have been able to be with you for this special time. God Bless You, Shanta

Your Message from Archangel Gabriel
for January 11, 2017

Dear Ones,

On this day you have been birthed into the Light. The abundant truth of Peace, Love and an exquisite presence of the most exalted energy of Light that has ever blessed the Earth, is here today with you. It brings to you far greater blessings than you can imagine. There will be a nice slow assimilation for you so you will be able to use these new Light frequencies impeccably to bring forth Well Being into every area of your life.

On this day we walk together through the 11:11 Gateways. The Archangels have opened the gates and hold you in wings of Pure Love as you take those first baby steps into the world of Illumined Truth. The darshan of many exalted beings are here with you today, those who have traveled the pathways of Light, paving the way so you can experience more Grace in your journey.

There is celebration in the heavenly realms, as so many thousands of people have dedicated their New Year to be one of Eternal Peace and the Light of Infinite Abundance abiding in full Oneness with All That Is. You have all been endowed with the expansive presence of Divine Love to create new neural pathways and connect the circuitry that will allow you to receive in greater alignment the grace of the Divine Feminine working in and through you.

As all these exalted forces of Light energy are moving through you please know they are blessing the world with Divine Light. The tide has turned. Rest assured that no matter what the illusion of the world is showing you, if you turn back within you to your heart, there you will discover the truth that the Light of God is always available, and shining within you.

On this day you have been welcomed into the realms of Illumined Truth, and blessed by that which is sacred in the Eternal Realms of Oneness. There are no polarities here. There is no corner where darkness dwelled that has not been touched. All has been lit up by the blessings of Boundless Light-Filled Unity with All That Is.

The transmuting energy of this Light is at work in the realms of humankind and mass awakening will be accelerated from this day forward. The veils are still very thin. You have access to exalted states of consciousness that you have perhaps never been able to perceive before. Let yourself receive to your deepest capacity. Bring your prayers to your inner Temple of the most high living God. Prostrate yourself before the altar of your inner Truth. And let yourself receive the transcendent presence of Divine Love that lives for your awakening.

Feel the Angels and Masters who are assisting you today. There is no masculine/feminine consciousness in this Light of Pure Oneness. You are in unity with All That Is. Let yourself experience Unity Consciousness and let it stretch your imagination so your energy system will never be the same. This energy will break through all constricting, limiting structures you have outgrown. This will allow you to live in your fullest state of Harmony with Source energy and in Alignment with your Soul’s Highest Destiny on the Earth.

As you embody the Fullness of your being, you live as a blended human with access to your most Divine Spirit and your fully human self in perfect Alignment. Experience the Amrita, as this sweetness of God’s pure Love pours through you. Allow God’s Love to fill your heart and illuminate every cell in your body with new frequencies of Light.

Bring your awareness into your heart so you will know that you are loved beyond any power you have ever perceived and blessed continuously and eternally by Divine Light.

All this day you have been in the sacred space of the 11:11 gateways and being lifted up into new realms of awareness. Do not forget to ground these exalted frequencies into the pure nourishment available in the Light Fields of Wellbeing at the base of your spine. As you do this you will be the Bridge from Heaven and Earth that your soul is urging you to fulfill. Let your radiant shining self be welcomed into the new life awakening on the Earth and feel a level of support that you have never experienced. Know that all is truly well and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 11, 2017

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