Maybe This Really is the New Earth by Shanta Gabriel

The Musings of a Reluctant Elder

At 66, I am fortunate to consider a number of extraordinary women in their 40’s to be my friend. Each one seems so intelligent, strong and empowered spiritually, as well as stable emotionally. They have a strong sense of what they came on earth to do, and are joyfully fulfilling their missions. One of these beautiful friends, Meredith Murphy, actually suggested I write this article.

I admire these attributes especially in those women because it seems to me as though I was carrying a lot more baggage through life at that age than they are. I think this is true for many people in my generation, not just me personally. I was firmly on my spiritual path, but I was not extremely able to function on earth in the ways that life seemed to require at that time.

There seems also to be much more freedom for these beautiful women to express themselves in the world. They speak eloquently and forthrightly about spiritual topics that may have been relegated to retreat centers or ashrams when I was in my 40’s. At this time there is a much more elevated frequency of energy in the world that allows understanding of deep spiritual wisdom and truth. Science has elevated its understanding by finally proving that “energy” exists. The expansive awareness of Light frequencies expressed by Albert Einstein and other physicists seem to mirror words Indian gurus have spoken for centuries. Many more people now accept them as truth. Physics has caught up with metaphysics.

I have a vivid memory from a class I took in my early 40’s. I had moved from ashram life to Honolulu, and I was trying so hard to learn to fit so I could do my work in the material world. The bodywork I had trained to do was based solely on the energetics of healing frequencies. In this class we had to stand up and tell everyone what our work was about in a way they understood. I felt demoralized when the feedback was that I was speaking in “jargon” when I used the word “energy.” They told me I needed to learn how to express myself more succinctly if I wanted to talk to others about my work. I felt shamed because I did not know any other way to talk about the extreme, energetically powerful work that I was doing. I knew that Eastern cultures had been using words for energy over the centuries; words like chi, prana and ki were accepted as healing terminology. I had even pointed this out in my talk, but these were not acceptable principles in that environment at that time. I interpreted this as my failure because I wanted to be able to relate to these successful people. It was most likely a downfall because I probably wanted them to understand and accept me as well, which was my lifelong M.O. at that time.

This event seems almost surreal now because most people are comfortable, not only with the word “energy,” but the concept that energy vibrations affect every moment of our lives. I hope that people like me were a part of the pioneering spirit that enabled the shifts to occur in the human understanding of these ever more subtle principles. Even though I felt really alone most of the time, I knew I was not the only one who believed in these ideas. At this point it is clear that when an energetic envelope is stretched beyond its previous boundaries, it can never go back to being the same. This bushwhacking of old ways seems to be what many of us were doing in the 60’s and 70’s. I am also aware that a wave of cosmic high frequency energies swept the world in a way that is now pinpointed and called the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. It is obvious that sweeping changes have taken place across the planet in response to these energy waves. For me, it seems to have affected all of us in a way that expanded our ability to receive and understand more of the harmonic depths of the concept of “energy.”

I am grateful to be here in this time, still alive, something that seemed doubtful when I was in my 20’s. In fact, I feel more vitally alive than ever before. I am delighted to be able to express myself naturally, and be surprised when most people understand me for the first time in my life. This era we are living in seems to be the time I came on earth to live. I remind myself when looking at the world situation through my own struggles that I “volunteered for this mission.” However, it is also a time with more potential for planetary and personal evolution than ever before. People  are awakening to the understanding that their “energy” affects the world. Many of us now know that we alone hold the key to Peace and Harmony on our planet. The principle of the Hundredth Monkey is awake and alive, readying the planet for a spontaneous evolution in energy frequencies. The mass shifts occurring are bringing forth the more enlightened age that we only dreamed of in the 60’s. In so many ways to me now, we truly are living on the New Earth.

Shanta Gabriel,

July 28, 2011

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