Grounding the Light of Your Benevolent Future

Join us for Phase Two!


Continuing our Master Heart Group of Evolution...

Join us for 6 Light Activations on Zoom!

May 10 and 24, June 7 and 21, July 5 and 19


In this 6-session program, we will be working with 3 specific chakra empowerments: 

  • our Vision Center in the 3rd eye;
  • our Hearts supported with a newly empowered Solar Plexus
  • and integrating the Grounded Presence that assists us in manifesting what we need to create a more Benevolent Future for ourselves and all humanity.


Support and Transmissions from the Archangels

During this program, the Archangels that hold the powerful Light frequencies of each chakra will be actively supporting us by offering special transmissions to guide our way during these challenging times.

The Power of Community

When we are empowered by spiritual community, we magnify our ability to Magnetize the higher frequencies necessary to create Harmony, Happiness and Peace in the world around us.

The over-lighting intention is to empower our Soul gifts by inviting alignment with the Infinite Intelligence that animates our hearts with more Light in our lives and on the Earth.

Join us!

You are invited to join our like-minded community in service to the world.

Master Heart Evolutionary Series
Master Heart Evolutionary Series
3-month mastermind group