The Equinox International Spiritual Practice

An Online Spiritual Practice to Celebrate the Power of Balance and Renewal
Join Our Sacred Gathering March 17 to March 24


Spring is a natural time for Balance and Renewal ~ and it begins with You!

One way to bring more Purpose into life is to create Peace within and extend it outward!

You are warmly invited to join our March Equinox Group Spiritual Practice!


The Power of Dedicated Groups

Maintaining consistent spiritual practice, essential for transformational inner growth, is considered one of the hardest things to accomplish in the modern world.

For centuries, Eastern traditions have joined seekers together in spiritual communities to aid them in spiritual enlightenment. In these ashrams, the power of group energy inspires seekers and supports them in group practices. This allows for inner growth far beyond what one might be able to accomplish alone.

You are invited to be a part of our beautiful group of dedicated souls who believe that great change is possible on the Earth when we work together.

Join our Equinox Spiritual Practice from
March 17 to March 24

The Dream

We all have the desire to see the world as a peaceful place, with equanimity and expanding love for all humanity. We have each tried so hard to create this demonstration in ourselves. But without the support of a dedicated soul community, it is difficult to sustain our resilience in the face of upheaval in the world.

This is why we are gathering together for spiritual practice, to tap into new sources of Balance and Renewal. Here we find the inspiration, the support and protection we need to bloom like spring flowers.

For centuries, flowers have been a symbol of the resilient spirit within each being. They demonstrate that with courage and support, we have the strength to grow out of the ground of mundane life and to blossom, continually seeking the Light of Renewal, Inspiration and Balance.

Experience the Gifts and Possibilities

Come and experience for yourself the gifts of group energy focused on Balance and Renewal within us and on the Earth for 7 days in March. This is the practice my guru called an Anusthan.

This is a Sanskrit word pronounced with soft a's like paw, Ah-noos-than.

In our ashram, we would all dedicate a certain number of days for a specific spiritual practice that inspired a greater purpose within us and in the world. In the 40 years since then, this spiritual practice has never failed to empower me in love and inner strength. As you can see by the testimonials from previous Anusthan participants, people from all walks of life found that it blessed them in ways they could not imagine.

I am inviting you to come join us. You will have your own personal experience of Divine Grace, Presence and Light working in and through you as well as the group. You need only dedicate a small amount of time each day to your spiritual life and to pray for the global changes needed for Balance and Renewal within you and extending upon the Earth.

Every Equinox, the Earth demonstrates perfect balance in light and dark. This equilibrium ignites our own inner gyroscope to come into balance within every area of our lives. We become a grounded presence that echoes into the world the pure qualities of Equanimity and Balance.

Because the entire group is anchoring this focus within, the power expands exponentially transforming the energy of the world.

Experience for yourself the amazing possibilities when we work together for a greater purpose than we can do alone. When we grow through change together, all things become easier.

Our Format

Every day of our practice, I will send you an email with a message from Archangel Gabriel. I also include a message from me, letting you know what effects the Anusthan is having in my life. Usually other people are having the same experience in an amazing synchronous way, so I will also be sharing the messages I am receiving from others in the community. This allows you to have a real sense of joining in a group focus that strengthens our dedicated intention.

I hope you are inspired to join us and anchor the presence of Balance and Renewal in your own life as well as for the Wellbeing of the Earth and all humanity.

In Peace and Balance,


Anusthan guidebookUpon registration, you will receive a beautiful guide in PDF format to download.

The Anusthan Guidelines booklet includes instructions for:

  • Creating an Intention for the Day
  • Traditional Guidelines Regarding Spiritual Practice
  • Information About Creating a Sacred Space
  • An Every-day Sample Practice
  • Mantra Yoga (a sacred sound vibration that will raise your frequency)
  • Mantras and Phrases Suggestions (English & Sanskrit)
  • Walking Mantras
  • Two Advanced Mantras for Abundance and for the Welfare of All Beings

There will be a special transmission for you to empower the mantras during this practice. In addition, you will receive a message from Archangel Gabriel each day of our Anusthan, along with commentary from me and the other participants.

You can also contact me if you have any comments or questions.

How to Join

To join this powerful international group in spiritual practice and receive the Anusthan Guidelines booklet, donate at the suggested amount below. Donations help to cover costs for production and technical assistance.

Please know that our Anusthan is a rigorous spiritual practice for me, which requires seven to eight hours of daily commitment to my own Anusthan practices that allow me receive and properly record the powerful messages from Archangel Gabriel, and then to prepare the emails that are sent out to all participants. 

I am honored to dedicate my Anusthan to God working within each of us, to those who are joining this special practice, and to the benefit of all humanity so the Earth can thrive in Balance and Harmony. Please donate to your own capacity. Know that according to Archangel Gabriel, all the money you give is blessed and returned to you multiplied. 

March Equinox Anusthan 2021
March Equinox Anusthan 2021
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I love this practice $55
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The sky's the limit! $___

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May this empowered spiritual practice bless you with great Renewal and Balance in every area of your life!


If the suggested donations are beyond your financial means, please email me: Nobody is turned away from a Spiritual Practice because of finances.

Shanta Gabriel