March Equinox Anusthan ~ Day 2

The second day of our Equinox dedicated spiritual practice offered some special messages that seemed important to share.

Here is the message from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

In any discussion of Equilibrium and Balance is an inquiry into the nature of fun and play. These are essentials for your spirit just as deep meditation and the cultivation of the true depth of your heart.

There comes a time when you see the serious nature of your life. This is valuable state of recognition. Sometimes there is a small voice that may be wondering when it gets to have some fun. and that is also a valid question.

In the Balance of all life, Joy and Appreciation for the moments of Light-hearted play are important aspects of the equation for true Equilibrium and Balance in life.

Beauty can spark the presence of Joy and Equanimity. The wonderment that can enfold you in the Beauty and Power of Nature can spark your inspiration. All of Nature provides an attunement of your inner self: the healing that transpires when confronted with the deep green of a forest of tall trees demonstrating true alignment with Source; the sky in all its varying moods, the waters flowing and sparkling in the sunlight, all this opens you to new freedom for your inner spirit. When you allow yourself to be in harmony with the Beauty of Nature you are truly being uplifted and inspired by the Divine.

And there is so much more: the Joy of friendship and loving kindness; Companionship in many forms; the blessed Nature of Solitude and deep quiet; ecstatic dancing and free movement ~ the physical world and all the variety and the totality of the Earth provide the choices you make to bring more Balance to your life.

God exists in all circumstances. There is freedom in embracing all of life, and then choosing how to spend every moment of your time. Based on the Unity within the most sacred aspects of your being, you can give yourself to Life and allow the Grace of every day circumstances to bless you with True Balance and Equanimity. And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel

from Shanta Gabriel

March 12, 2018

From Shanta

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Day 2.

As every day is different, as we have said. Appointments, work, interactions with others, everything colors our experience.

Today’s message is a very different, more expansive activation that the inspiration that we usually receive. Besides the empowering permission that permeates the energy within the words, the choice of words themselves are transmitting a powerful message. Since 2012 words have taken on a living substance of Prana, a Sanskrit word carrying Divinity and Life Force. We can call these words into our hearts and let the energy work within us.

Since 1990 the messages I have received from Archangel Gabriel had many words written in capital letters – Joy, Freedom, Love, Grace, Beauty, Harmony, Peace. Each of these words, and so many more, carry a pure energy that sparks the Light within the cells of our bodies. It is a part of our ascension process and brings Unity and Oneness with All That Is.

I am noticing that my attitude and choices are keys to my happiness. For me there is Balance in the unification of all life. From the Grace of my amazingly long life, I have lived in so many extremes and studied the learning that comes from the many varied forms of experience. I honor all the expansive aspects of my life and the choices that I made along the way. Every moment I live now seems to offer me another choice to make in the wholeness I am creating within my being.

When I honor all of life, I AM at peace and true Balance births its way into my heart. Blessings from Mt. Shasta the base chakra of the Earth. Shanta


I love that we are such an international group of souls together in common vision and commitment to life and our spirits. Here is our friend Niall, from the Tara Lodge in Ireland.

Dear Shanta,

How lovely to be back together in spiritual practice!

A Special day here to be starting our practice as we celebrate Mothers Day in Ireland ?but particularly to celebrate our Earth Mother along with Divine Mother and my birth Mother Bridget !

I was gifted a frog on my front door step just before starting my practice and she did not seem put out or frightened when I opened the door to let the cat in ?.


I looked up the totem meaning of frog, it said “if frog jumps into your life it may indicate now is a time to find opportunities in transition. It is there to help you swim easily through some tough life changes. It can also symbolize coming into your own power.” Other words associated with frog are cleansing, fertility, luck, purification, rebirth, transformation, transition!

So a lovely power animal to start my spiritual practice with. I love the ritual of creating a new altar for our practice and I love how my altars have changed as I have changed and grown over the months and years. It feels like something big is about to birth as we head into the Spring Equinox and asking us to take a huge leap of Faith ? Love and grateful Blessings Niall ~ Shakti MA


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