Lion's Gateway Gathering 2020

A video teleconference with Shanta Gabriel and Kelly Beard, August 8, 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT


8-8 Lion’s Gate Activation

Radiating your Heart’s Light as a Beacon of Love


Get ready to offer a new expression of You into the world! The 8-8 Portal Activation allows your heart to shine the presence of Infinite Love outward, so you become a radiant Beacon of Light!



Over the past months, an inner journey has taken place through our time of Sheltering in Grace. What guidance has been revealed for you to use through this process of moving back into the world?


Your connection to the Inner Resource of Divine Love
allows your Heart to express its Divinity.


The Christed Codes of Divine Light which have been activated on the planet recently, contain the living substance of Divine Love. This enables us to answer the Soul’s calling to shine our heart’s light as a Beacon to the world.


We'll gather on Zoom, Saturday 8-8

This auspicious day falls on the last gathering of my Life in Transition Series. So we will join with this dedicated group on Zoom. The energy promises to be powerful! You may join by audio or video.

Our special guest...

As a special bonus, my guest will be Kelly Beard, a master of Shamanic Astrology, who will support us through the Lion’s Gate Portal. She offers clear wisdom about how we can best use this Light energy in our new lives moving forward into the Aquarian Age.



Leo is a sign of Strength with a strong focus on the Heart. In the Lion’s Gateway we are embodying Love, Courage and Confidence. These qualities of consciousness become our heart’s expression as life unfolds before us in this new time of power.


8 is alchemical symbol for Balance that offers Transmissions of pure Divine Light from the realm of the Archangels. The number 8 represents an activation of the Golden Infinity Loop that helps us stay in a state of Equanimity through changes.


As we walk through the Lion’s Gateway together you will feel an empowerment within your heart. This will activate greater personal Authority, inner Strength, Freedom and Confidence.


Be a Beacon of Light – Radiate Your Unconditional Love into the world! 




Join us! 

A minimum donation of $22 is suggested. Thank you for supporting my work!

Lion's Gateway Teleconference 8-8-20
Lion's Gateway Teleconference 8-8-20
Price: $22.00
Your Price: $ 

With intention and powerful transmissions of Light Activation from the Archangels, with every beat of your heart, you will be able to bring the power of Unconditional Love throughout your energy system into every cell of your body.

With this you become a Radiant Beacon of Light to the world.

Shanta Gabriel