A Meditation to Recharge Your Energy System

An empowering guided meditation from Shanta Gabriel and the Archangels

meditation-mandalaArt by Daniel Lightfoot

In this special meditation, you are invited into an inner circle of Lightworkers to recharge your energy system and bring new levels of Balance and Alignment to you from the Archangels.

To assist you in feeling more confidence and strength, a powerful new level of Unconditional Love will be activated by the sacred geometry of the Torus in the magnetic field around your heart. The Angels then direct this empowered Light through every cell of your body as a catalytic force for Love and Healing.

You will also experience a powerful Alignment between your Soul Star and your Earth Star. This helps you create a new relationship with your Higher Self to receive the guidance of your Soul, and provide a new grounding system so that Well-being becomes your natural reality. You will feel more supported in bringing forth your Soul’s gifts into the world.

The Archangels initiate you into the sacred breath called the Microcosmic Current that allows you to recirculate your energy on your own keeping it moving in positive ways to enrich and empower your daily life. This meditation can help you stay in alignment between Heaven and Earth through your physical body so you can more gracefully become a Blended Being.

If you are feeling depleted in any way, receive and enjoy this beautiful Cosmic Recharge! Listen to the preview below.

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A Meditation to Recharge Your Energy System
A Meditation to Recharge Your Energy System
Background music "River of Love" by Thaddeus
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With intention and powerful transmission of Light Activation from the Archangels, you will be able to bring the power of Unconditional Love throughout your blood stream into every cell of your body with the beat of your heart.

Shanta Gabriel