Light Activation Meditation

A Guided Healing Journey with the Archangels Through Your Chakra System

Through the years, I received the teachings from Archangel Gabriel about the importance and power of Divine Light. He called it Light Field Technology. Through our immersion into fields of Light that carry Qualities of Consciousness, we can alter, heal and enhance our own personal energy systems.

This meditation will give you a personal experience of being embraced by the Divine Light. Through the Archangel frequencies, you will be empowering your own field with what your body is requiring for its next stage of Evolution.

Allow yourself to get comfortable, relax and receive this special meditation as it takes you through the chakra system. Immerse yourself in the new frequencies and feel the Light being activated in every cell of your body.

Light Activation Meditation - mp3
Light Activation Meditation - mp3
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"I just completed the Light Activation Meditation. It was very powerful for me. I look forward to listening to the recording again soon.”