Light Activation Meditation

A Guided Healing Journey with the Archangels Through Your Chakra System

Earlier this year, Shanta presented her Secrets of Light Field Technology program. The energy of the last class in the series had built to an amazing crescendo of Light. It was a perfect time to lead the group through a long-distance Light Activation Session. A recording of this empowering session is now available! And it carries an encoding from the Archangels that allows it to gain in strength every time it is played.

Listen as Shanta guides you through the chakra system of your body, inviting the Archangel that is active in each chakra, and activating Divine Light, color and frequencies in each of the seven major chakras of your body. You will be aligned from Heaven to Earth, from your Soul Star to your Earth Star.

As the power of Love and Intelligence active in the Light frequencies is flushed through the chakra system, it transmutes all old patterns within your energy system that are not a vibrational match for the new frequencies embedded in your chakras.

Listen to this meditation over and over to create a greater level of Alignment, Harmony and Balance within your body, mind and emotional system. The additional blessings from the Archangelic Realms will fill your heart with Divine Love.

I just completed the Light Activation Meditation. It was very powerful for me. I look forward to listening to the recording again soon.

Before ordering, please see note below for special offer!

Light Activation Meditation - mp3
Light Activation Meditation - mp3
Digital download
Price: $35.00

Special Note from Shanta...

The testimonials from those who have experienced a personal Light Activation Session have been powerful, positive, and profound. I am so grateful that the work Archangel Michael introduced to me in 1988 has grown and developed to enable people to experience the light of divine love and healing long distance.

It has become a profound experience for me as well to watch the chakra system light up in each person I am working with during a session. The occlusions that may block the flow of energy through one's energy system are transmuted into Light and then rerouted into a pure positive flow of Divine Energy that can permanently transform your being.

Once our energetic envelope is stretched to expand into the divine blueprint of perfection our soul instated, we can never go back to the same person we were. And your most divine connections to Source energy and your guidance is more powerful than ever as you get a true sense of Alignment within your being through a Light activation Session.

When you order a Light Activation Session, you'll also receive the powerful Light Activation Meditation featured above as my gift!

Light Activation Session
Light Activation Session
A session using Divine Light to accelerate your inner shift to jumpstart your connection to your Higher Self and your Soul Purpose.
Price: $197.00

“Having a session with Shanta is like stepping into a fantasy world where your cells are zapped with cosmic energy, sacred stones endow you with magical properties, and clear guidance fills the corners of your mind. It is like a fantasy, except when it’s over, the changes stay with you.” –C.W., Michigan.