Light Activation Healing

Remote healing sessions by telephone

HeaLight Activation Session


Experience a long-distance Light Activation Healing Session with Shanta in the comfort of your home.

This remote energetic healing session will accelerate an inner shift to Well-being and jumpstart your connection to your Higher Self and your Soul Purpose. The alignments activated through your private session will help clear away old patterns of thought, as well as feelings that do not align with your new sense of a higher vibrational self that can thrive in a 5th Dimensional reality.

Shanta GabrielInspired by her work with Archangels, and with masters from India and Hawaii, Shanta developed Light Activation as a hands-on bodywork therapy more than 30 years ago. Now these sessions are proving to be an effective form of long-distance remote energy healing.

"Having a session with Shanta is like stepping into a fantasy world where your cells are zapped with cosmic energy, sacred stones endow you with magical properties, and clear guidance fills the corners of your mind. It is like a fantasy, except when it’s over, the changes stay with you."

"After the session yesterday I felt so much more confident and trust in myself is increasing tremendously."

"Thank you for our conversation yesterday… your compassion, kindness, caring, humor, the Angels and the messages themselves were immensely beneficial to me… bringing comfort, clarity, support, lessons and love… to name a few. The difference between how I was feeling before and after our conversation was pretty much night and day… and it feels to be strengthening (in a calm, supportive and loving way) even more today. Thank you."

How does a Remote Healing Session work?

With Light Activation Healing you will receive:

  • A one-hour + phone session with energy healer and angel communicator, Shanta Gabriel
  • Short reading of your energy system to establish where you are energetically in present time

During the session, there is a deep connection to the Archangels and your own Soul's desire for balance and healing. The energetic connection this provides allows an opening for the electromagnetic frequencies to increase.

As your cells are stimulated to vibrate at a higher frequency of energy, Divine Light floods the body. When this occurs, all that is not in alignment with your new vibratory frequency must drop away, with Grace and Ease.

With the assistance of the Angelic Dimensions and the healing masters she has been working with for many years, Shanta will guide you through a relaxing and painless meditative process that will clear away obstacles to your alignment with Wellbeing, Vitality and the healing energy that results from alignment with new higher frequencies available for your life.

This can jumpstart your healing process in many areas. Once you have had a the full experience of this alignment, you can not go back to your old way of being. Your body now has the information it needs to stay in a connected state.


Shanta also uses gem stones to align and balance your chakra system during the session. These same stones have been used in her healing practice for nearly 30 years. The programming set into these sacred stones act as a powerful alignment system for healing energy. Shanta also uses one of the crystals as a wand that clears old patterns from your energy field. As Light is activated in the cellular structure, higher frequencies of energy are generated.

When the energy is increased in the cells, patterns of imbalance are gracefully released from physical, mental and emotional bodies. When imbalances are released, we more easily return to a natural, balanced state. Light Activation has assisted many to build a greater sense of well-being in their own lives as well as their work.

“As soon as I lay down and you began the prayer, I felt energy pouring into my body and the entire room filled with Angels. I loved the way the gem stones felt as they opened my chakra system. It felt as though I was being held protected and safe. It was wonderful!” –F.W., New Hampshire

“Having a session with Shanta is like stepping into a fantasy world where your cells are zapped with cosmic energy, sacred stones endow you with magical properties, and clear guidance fills the corners of your mind. It is like a fantasy, except when it’s over, the changes stay with you.” –C.W., Michigan

"It was a beautiful heartwarming, energizing, yet relaxing experience!" –L.A., Washington

"Thank you sooo much. You gave me much hope, encouragement, and some really good advice. Not to mention the fabulous energy work! I felt sooo expanded afterward, like a weight had been lifted. Thanks a bunch! I will highly recommend you to anyone who I meet that could benefit from such a session." –C.R.

"I would like to thank you for your wonderful presence and precision in the energy work and readings! I very much enjoyed my session with you, and I especially will never forget the amazing feeling of peace and harmony that I left with. My moods have been up and down, but I definitely feel a sloughing off of old energy, and huge development taking place." –A.S.

"The light activation has been a wonderful experience. I still feel at peace, resting in myself and like I'm wrapped in a cocoon. And unlike the last couple of weeks, I had a very good night's sleep." –S.S.

"I know I already thanked you many times but I can never forget you, for you helped bring me Home."

Reserve your spot!

Due to their intense nature, Shanta is available for a limited number of remote Light Activation Sessions each week. Sessions are conducted by telephone. After purchasing a session, you will immediately be sent an order confirmation including scheduling information.