Join us on Wednesday and Saturday ~ Prepare to be Empowered!


Uplifted. Inspired. Empowered. Connected. Energized.

One of the great gifts of Sheltering in Grace is that I have been learning to offer you Zoom video classes.  I have been presenting these classes twice a week since the beginning of April. Some of them are free on Facebook Live and some have a small donation for Zoom so I can pay my technical assistants, since technology is not my skill.

My skill is sharing wisdom with you from 40+ years of spiritual development.

Living at the base of Mt. Shasta, we are gifted with an experience of 5th Dimensional life. This is one of the ten most sacred mountains on Earth, and it attracts people from all over the world to experience the beauty and the vibrational frequencies that Mt Shasta transmits as the Portal of Light that she is. For many years, Mt. Shasta worked as the Base Chakra of the Earth to ground the exalted higher frequencies of Light into the crystalline grids for Ascension.

More recently, Mt. Shasta has become a Portal of Light. She now connects us to the higher frequencies as well as grounding our energy systems so we can embody our own Divinity for the ascension of all humanity.  A number of revered mountains all over the world are now connecting together as a sacred Web of Light that can activate consciousness within all humanity.  These mountains are acting as a support system for our ascension and can assist us whenever we tune into their frequencies.

For me, the greatest gift of these classes has been the downloads of energy that I have been receiving from the Archangels. Although I have been working with seven of them for 30 years, I have been gifted especially by Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Hope who have a temple retreat within Mt. Shasta. These empowerments, when I use them in our classes, have enabled me to transmit directly to you Light Fields of empowered qualities of consciousness that can support your daily life.

Especially during the 11:11 Gateway Ceremonies that I lead on Saturday and during any of our meditations and prayer times in all my classes, you will have the experience of these activations and transmissions from the Archangels in partnership with Mt Shasta.

Our Wisdom Wednesdays have been an exploration into subjects that people have said they were interested in me talking about. For a couple of weeks I have played the oracle for each person wanting an answer to the burning question, What does my Soul want me to Know?   For this I used the Gabriel Messages Card Sets that I received from Archangel Gabriel, as well as one of my favorite oracle card decks that has brilliantly clear imagery.  In those Wednesday evenings, most people were touched deeply by the answers they received, and I believe we all had fun as well.

On June 3 these Wednesdays will morph into a new class to Unlock your Intuition. Stay tuned for more information about that. If you are on my free Inspiration of the Week newsletter list, you will be receiving all the announcements.

So consider this your special invitation to join us for Wisdom Wednesdays at 5:00 pm PDT and Mt Shasta Saturday Activations at 11:00 am PDT. It is a wonderful community gathering and there is space for you to ask questions as well.  Information will continue to be provided in my email announcements, as well as on social media.

May you carry all the deep Soul Connections that you are experiencing

into the radiance of your Heart’s Love to send to the world.

Shanta gabriel

May 19, 2020

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