Join Us for Spring Equinox Teleconference 2015

Spring Equinox 2015

Planting the Garden of Your Soul

  Equinox/Solar Eclipse Teleconference
March 20, 2015 – 5:30 pm PDT, 8:30 EDT

A recording of the teleconference is available below.

“I so enjoyed last night’s meditation! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to participate in an international circle of loving and healing.”


Celebrate the Equinox/Solar Eclipse on March 20 with Shanta Gabriel and join dedicated souls from around the world to plant new seeds in the gardens of awakening consciousness on the planet.

‏In this teleconference you will be guided into an inner experience of the Archangels working to assist to integrate your Soul’s imperatives into your daily lives. This inner empowerment will provide a catalytic spark for the manifestation and fruition of your greatest dreams.

‏Together we will empower our Soul’s dreams for the most abundant , loving and successful future for ourselves as well as for the Earth.

Teleconference Recording

Spring Equinox Teleconference 2015 - Recording
Spring Equinox Teleconference 2015 - Recording
This teleconference took place Friday, March 20 at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time. You can still enjoy the empowered gifts of the Archangels as they assist you in planting seeds for your most Abundant Future and sacred work in the world.
Price: $21.00

Thank you for leading such a beautiful and powerful equinox teleconference. It was very empowering and I look forward to doing the meditation work again!

I was on the call and it was so beautiful. I feel as if we are on the cusp of something extraordinary and you confirmed this feeling. I like many have worked so hard and now we will see changes and have the life we have dreamed of.

Thank you, Shanta. That was beautiful. My Heart is full. You, We, created One Pillar of Light, I felt, for All our Dreams and manifestations to move even more quickly through this funnel of Light for full Manifestation on our Earth plane and in Our Lives and in the lives of others.

About Shanta

Shanta GabrielShanta Gabriel is an author, way-shower and mystic, whose life is devoted to Bridging Heaven and Earth by alignment, immersion, and connection with the Archangels with whom she has trained for over 25 years. She shares this work by facilitating and inviting people into a direct experience of Infinite Intelligence and Love.

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