Join us for Solstice Anusthan June 8 through June 12


Can you imagine a world where Light was the only true reality?

Do you want an experience of Divine Light illuminating your body?

Do you long to make a difference in the world? Experience more purpose and meaning?

If yes, you are warmly invited to join our Solstice Anusthan
June 8 through June 12!


For centuries, Eastern traditions have joined seekers together in spiritual communities to aid them in spiritual enlightenment. In these ashrams, the power of group energy inspires seekers and supports them in group practices. This allows for inner growth far beyond what one might be able to accomplish alone.

You are invited to be a part of our beautiful group of dedicated souls who believe that great change is possible on the Earth when we work together.

Together we will anchor your vision in an Anusthan, an ancient group spiritual practice dedicated to anchoring Divine Light for the Solstice. I invite you to join me with other dedicated souls to welcome Divine Light in your body, into every area of your life, and into the world.

Every day of our practice, I will send you an email with a message from Archangel Gabriel. I also include a message from me, letting you know what effects the Anusthan is having in my life. Usually other people are having the same experience in an amazing synchronous way, so I will also be sharing the messages I am receiving from others in the community. This allows you to have a real sense of joining in a group focus that strengthens our dedicated intention.

Upon registration, you will receive a beautiful 26-page guide in PDF format to download.

What others have shared about this program:

Wow! I’ve just read the last message of our Anusthan practice, I can’t tell you how every word resonated with my soul,

This practice has been a blessing in my life. Shanta, thank you from all of my heart. Keep on shining!

Your writing and messages are magnificent!! Each day, I can’t wait to read what you have sent … this is the most ALIVE writing!  I KNOW I was meant to connect with you through this sacred process of Anusthan, for I have undergone some major shifts.

Dearest Shanta, your writing is so lovely and inspiring.  Your words, and the energy they bring, open the hearts, lifts the spirit and I’m often brought to tears.

See all the details and register here!


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