Please see this amazing video and pray with me. Together we can do this.  Also please read the message below to the Family of Light.

To the Family of Light

You are here to create a transcendent reality. You hold the power of Light together, with the image and belief of a New Earth. A place that lives in Harmony, Cooperation, Peace and Love. From this state of belief, a shared reality is created.

There are many pockets of this belief system already functioning on the Earth. Bhutan is one of the examples. The government of this country measures the Gross National Happiness Quotient. Consider how that would feel in your reality. If there is one place that exists, many others also hold the power for a transcendent reality. When there is a shared belief that is very strong, reality is created. The power of your mutual vision will hold true as the dimensional shift takes affect. It is a state of mind, as all shared agreement is.

There is an urgency now that requires your honoring of the commitment you made before incarnating on to the Earth plane. The agreement was to join with the forces of Heaven and Earth to bring the new earth into being. You are the conduit for Divine Light. You are the ones on whom we depend to bring forth the new frequency of energy on the planet now.

As you have recently seen, the 7th Hopi prophecy has been fulfilled. The waters have indeed turned black, and now beings that live in those waters are dying because of what irresponsible men have done. Recognition of this fact is important. But more relevant is the need for group action in a joined intention to raise the frequency of energy to a level where miracles can occur and solutions will be found. The Earth needs your light filled attention at this time. The emotions of anger, fear and sorrow are not helpful except as a catalyst to bring about resources, action and powerful attention to bring about the sanctity of the Earth. Come together as groups and join your voices, and your intentions for healing the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. All the waters of the world are connected so all the earth will be affected by the oil for years to come. Those involved in seeking a solution have become so desperate they have even suggested a nuclear bomb. Can you believe that? Surely the answer does not lie in the same mind set that created the problem. It is up to those who believe in a new way of relating to the Earth to create the atmosphere so positive change can occur. You are the ones who pray for the sanctity of Nature and the ones who have committed to being vehicles for Divine Light on the Earth at this time.

As the earth evolves, all will evolve who are in harmony with the vibration of Sacred Earth. The scientists of Transcendental Meditation found that the energy of their meditations radiated into the cities around them and the crime statistics plummeted. Is there not a critical mass of souls committed to bringing an end to the destruction in the gulf? To all of those who believe, will you continue to pray for Divine Light to bless the area and for those involved to find a Creative Solution that is benevolent to the earth, In order to help heal the waters and all beings who live in them. meditate and pray together whenever possible.

Nature is calling on all those who serve her in the Light. When high frequencies of energy resonate through our work together, Creative Solutions abound. As the Earth is blessed in her evolution, we are all blessed because we are the Earth.

Shanta Gabriel
Copyright: June 28, 2010

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