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Greetings from Mt. Shasta,

This is the beginning of a series of blog posts to catalog what I am calling the Season of Awakening. We just passed through an amazing Equinox-Full Moon download of the Sacred Balance of the Feminine and Masculine energies and now we are moving into an 8 week series of Eclipses that are being called the Wormhole. As you old Star Trekors know, a Wormhole will whisk you into a new dimension in a miraculous moment. There is more information about this intense and amazing time in a new post on called Radical Awakening is Upon Us.

Since 2013 started I have been feeling as though we have been walking through warm jello, noticing how difficult it is to try to get anything started. Part of the situation is that we are literally creating the new world as we live it and set the foundations. In the early morning hours after midnight of  January 1, 2013, I was told by Archangel Gabriel, “Welcome to 2013. A year so malleable you will be creating it as you live. It will be Equinox before there can be any movement forward.”

Well now we have been through the Equinox and it seems like before we can move, we are really needing to work some more on that foundation, in fact the Core of my Being seems to need an overhaul! I was teaching my last Living in Radiance teleclass on the Equinox. Just before I sat down to open the class, I received a message that I would be rewiring a new Core of Being for everyone in our meditation. Great, I thought, thanks for the advance notice. But that is the way it has been for these classes throughout 2012 and so far this year also. A walk in Radical Trust. (It seems to have worked though because we have been having some great and powerful meditations to close the evening classes.) I was led to understand that we were never wired for the level of change we are experiencing in life right now, and our nervous systems are having quite a time of it – in case you had not noticed! This meditation has the intention of rewiring our core energy system so that we can more easily function in the higher energy frequencies and learn to ground the excess energy that is making us feel crazy. I decided to offer that meditation to everyone, and you will find it at

Heart Centered Action

We are also learning to live from Heart Centered Activity now because we can no longer use logic as a way forward. Nothing in the 5th Dimension is linear, exact or specific, and we truly made it into the 5th Dimension on the Solstice December 21, 2012. We are moving toward Divine Light, literally creating our world as we live it. I have to accept on a deep level that I am living in the Great Mystery of the Unknown, with radical change moving through and around me, while I learn to trust that I will respond in appropriate ways in the moment. Our hearts are being impulsed with the Divine Presence and literally carry a higher intelligence quotient than our brains now. The studies from are fascinating and I highly recommend the shift in consciousness their work is providing.

I am letting my Higher Self teach me to feel more safe while I experience the Unknown through these changes. At this point my Higher Self is my best friend and holds the connection to my Soul Purpose. The only thing I can do right now is to keep my intentions clear and my spiritual practice strong, with the intention to live as a spiritual being in this time of radical shifts.

 It is really all I can when nothing works the way it used to. I am trusting that my intentions will guide my way, and my Higher Self will let me know what it is I need to do moment to moment. There does not seem to be much ability to look ahead. The masters of the Ages have tried to teach us to live in the Present, and now we seem to have no choice.

As we live what we know and have learned over the years, we will continue to anchor Divine Light Frequencies on the planet to help the change. We are actually spiritualizing the world with our own process of living as spiritual beings in daily life. By the time of the Solstice on June 21, we can be living examples of what is possible when we bring Spirit into Matter. This is not something to fear. We will all be able to do this, because we are coming together as a community wholeheartedly dedicated to spiritual awakening for ourselves and the collective ascension beyond the self. There are millions of people dedicated to creating Dynamic Engaged Spirituality that infuses daily activities with depth of spirit so that every moment can be a point of spiritual awakening.

The only obstacle is for you not to believe in the Change that is occurring, or believe that we or our world cannot change for this is not the truth. When it gets overwhelming, pray for help, ground all that excess energy, and try these mantras: Change is necessary. Change is safe. Change brings benevolent outcomes. Change is good. Remember this is an Evolutionary Shift. We have to change for survival on this planet. Not from a fear standpoint, but from the recognition that this is the next step on an evolutionary level, to bring about fully empowered consciousness on a planetary level that can support a world of Peace and Harmony.

Remember to Breathe

Spiritual Presence is the only Constant in this powerful time of evolution. We are not alone. Our spiritual assistance is only a thought away. Let your breath be the key to take you back into spiritually-centered awareness. God lives in the space between our breaths. Here is where we will find the Peace we need to live in this magical time of Radical Spiritual Transformation. Join in this experiment of transformation with a curious, innocent and trusting nature. Don’t forget to call on the gift of your Higher Self, your best friend and sacred companion. For all of us, the Higher Self is the one who bears witness to who we are and holds the essence of our Divine Blueprint of Perfection.

And be kind to yourself. Every time we give ourselves compassion we are grounding the power of that frequency on the planet. Through loving kindness to ourselves, we bless not only our soul families but the entire world. We then open channels for the frequencies of Divine Love and World Peace to be anchored. Without you this would not be possible.

I will add more of the lessons I am learning about living a spiritual life while active in the world as we go along. I will talk more about the Breath as well as our Higher Selves in particular. In the meantime, please know that you are not alone in this process. The Beings of Light from the Spiritual Dimensions are letting us know they are here in many ways. Check out this Aurora Borealis from Equinox that was posted on If that is not an Angel letting us know she is here for us, I don’t know what else to say, except more to come!  Much Love and Gratitude, Shanta

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