Introducing the Essences of Divine Light™

We are delighted to announce a new line of 20 divinely-inspired essences, developed specially for those who want accelerated spiritual development.

The Essences of Divine Light™ are a co-creation from the Archangels and two receptive devotees, Shanta Gabriel and Fanny Whitman. The Essences of Divine Light carry the loving presence of Archangelic Energy, each one calling your spirit and heart home to the Light — and raising your vibrational frequency to embrace the quality of spiritual consciousness each essence embodies in order to assist your evolutionary process.

Even though I am just taking the Essence for a few days, I already feel a difference. I feel more calm, more loving and I find it easier to “accept and let go” of negative thoughts or negative attitudes from the people around me. I do feel I am on a mission and it is so much fun. — P.T., S. Africa

How do the Essences work?

When a few drops are taken daily under the tongue, the Essences of Divine Light™ create an energy sequence within your being that resonates with your Higher Self. This allows you to access the more refined states of consciousness represented in each essence and help integrate that quality of consciousness into your cellular structure so it can become a more coherent part of your life.

Because each essence stimulates the Divine Blueprint inherent in the qualities, you are able to access these higher states more easily.

People are most familiar with flower essences, such as Bach Flower Remedies, first introduced to the world by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1920’s. The Essences of Divine Light are similar in that they hold the vibration of a quality your soul needs to evolve. The Essences of Divine Light differ from the Flower Essences because they are etheric in nature and have no physical connection to a flower or plant.

How to use Essences of Divine Light: Take 3 drops under the tongue 2 times per day

Our first release, Heaven on Earth

The first essence we introduced, Heaven on Earth, is specifically activated for the resonance of Divine Light that has been increasing on Earth since the year 2012 began. It was empowered during the Eclipse alignment of the Sun, Moon and Pleiades on May 20, and is now working at a high frequency to attune your physical, mental and emotional bodies to the Divine Light available for you now.

We chose Heaven on Earth to be the first of 20 essences to be released because we all need to be able to more gracefully ride the waves of higher energy frequencies we are experiencing at this time. Just as a flower essence will assist your electrical system to integrate new patterns of energy, the Essences of Divine Light will also facilitate new patterns for your energy system during this crucial time.

This will allow you to stay more centered in your spirit and connect with your intuition as you access new qualities of consciousness and multidimensional frequencies.

There is a prophecy that the time lines merged on December 21, 2012, enabling a 5th Dimensional Reality that includes Peace, Harmony and Divine Love as its core to be born. The Heaven on Earth essence assists in the integration and grounding of the higher frequencies of Light available at this time on the planet, and bridges the dimensions to bring Heaven on Earth through you. With this essence, you become a loving vessel to embody the new vibration this quality of consciousness brings into being. People have reported a more expanded sense of love for themselves and all of life, as well as increased access to their heart center and spirit.

About the creators of Essences of Divine Light

Both the creators of the Essences of Divine Light, Fanny and Shanta, have had long-time meditation practices and dedicated their lives to spiritual service in the 1970s. Though they did not meet in person until 2000, they are the same age and both have very similar backgrounds. Each lived on a tropical island for 20 years, each one studied with a Shaktipat Guru for many years and both women studied and practice forms of Energy Healing.

Their spiritual attunement, individually and together, inspired the Essences of Divine Light to enhance your life and bring greater Evolutionary Consciousness to the world.

As you become more conscious and aware of the subtle energy states that are working in the world for your evolution, with the assistance of the Archangelic frequencies, you will be able to access and thrive in the heightened energy of Divine Light being gifted to the Earth at this momentous time.

Your essence has quite a high frequency to it. The essence has an energy that is harder to track because it is of this frequency–in the ethers, so to speak. What it feels like in my body is a full, viscous. energy-rich air that surely only bodhisattvas have experienced in the past. Now, brought to the minions through prayer and love. –L.K.B., Hawaii

I am loving the Heaven on Earth Essence of Divine Light! The first time I took it, I could feel it opening my right temple and at my left jaw-TMJ area. Then for @ 10 days it just so opened my head. Now it is opening my head and moving into my heart! –L.M.

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