Interview with Kevin Moore

In this recent interview with Kevin from UK’s Kevin Moore Show, the deep questioning led to clear explanations from Shanta Gabriel about the times we live in, the process of loss and how to go through the Dark Night of the Soul.

Shanta also speaks about her meeting the Archangels and their teachings that apply to all of us about Patience, bringing Heaven to Earth and the work of those who are awake now during the powerful unknown we are facing.

Allow yourself to feel the hopefulness and calming presence that Shanta brings to this interview and the private sessions and classes she offers, including the The Secrets of Light Field Technology™ program to be held in February.

I REALLY enjoyed your interview. I’ve heard bits and pieces of your “story” over the years, but hearing it all together, with your lovely spirit shining through, was great! Well done, m’friend and thanks for sharing your intentions and visions with us.

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