In the Presence of Mt. Shasta

By Shanta Gabriel


In the presence of Mt. Shasta
Gentle lilacs bloom,
Scenting the air with freshness
So spirits can soar with the moon.

We speak from One Heart here
Our being’s resonate with song,
For the Sacred Mother of all life
Nature singing along.

Wherever you go in this place
Shasta’s presence is near,
Bringing you fully into Divine Grace
Releasing your heart from fear.

Ancient thoughts surface
From deep within the land,
Inviting the Warriors of Light
To take a holy stand.

Create anew within form
Manifest Light through your being,
Enable the Divine to live fully
In the world with gifts from the Unseen.

Know with every fiber
The Truth within your heart,
Mt. Shasta is calling you
New life within to start.

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