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Welcome to the Circle!

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I'm so excited that you've joined our amazing group of co-hearts dedicated to offering Divine Light to the world.

Our ongoing, monthly program will enable us to bring focused, prayerful intentions into the world together so we can proactively be the change we want to see happen.

What to Expect Each Month

  • “Energy of the Month” Theme. Each month for the New Moon, I will create a potent, timely and beautiful theme that will embody the focus for our group intention for the month and provide a supportive platform for you to base your life.
  • Commentary, Prayer and Intention. You will receive a written commentary about the energy of the month, a deeply inspired prayer and an affirmative intention that creates a focal point of consciousness for the group, as well as you personally. Using this empowered intention will enfold all of the group members in a radiant field of dedicated Divine Light.

Heart Circle

  • Live Teleconference and Guided Meditation. Each month for the Full Moon, we will gather for a live teleconference. Kelly Beard our circle astrologer has been a regular blessing in these gatherings. From her energy updates about the events and timing we are experiencing, I will create a guided meditation inspired by the Archangel that is holding the energy frequencies for our lives during that month. You will be sent a recording of the teleconference (in mp3 format).
  • You will also receive substantial discounts for all my events.

These materials will be posted in our membership area. I will also send email notifications to let you know that they're available. For your convenience, you may also view an archive of email notices here.

Use the Program Menu tab to access information and downloads for each month.

Private Facebook Group

If you are on Facebook, be sure to join our private Facebook Group! Login to Facebook and go to:

Please be aware of the following guidelines for participation.


This group is meant to be a safe and confidential place for sharing and getting to know one another.

Always respect the confidentiality of things people share here.

Please DO NOT sell or self-promote (this includes links to websites). Any such comments will be deleted. We reserve the right to remove any member who continues to break our community guidelines.

Founding Member Badge

Founding Members are those who joined by September 4 and indicated their choice to be known as a Founding Member.

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If you have any questions about the program, please don't hesitate to contact me at

For technical support, contact us at


For an orientation to many of themes for the program, please view videos from Shanta and download the Thriving in New Life Awakening guided meditation mp3.

Access the page here.


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