I went to the Top of the World and Came Back a Different Person


An Inner Travelogue by Shanta Gabriel


Everyone I’ve talked to recently feels as though they are in one of the most major transitions of their lives. I too have been going through a period of transition for the past few months that has affected my life in profound ways.

It all started with a trip to Italy in October where I thought I went to have an experience of the Divine Feminine. My trip led me on an unexpected Soul’s Journey into Silence. That silence buried itself deep within me. This made even the simplest process of interaction very difficult. I went into solitude and waited for more clarity and integration to unfold.

In late January I was invited to go to the Yukon Territory with my dear friend, Fanny, to experience the Northern Lights. Years ago, Fanny and I had developed the Essences of Divine Light together and used the Aurora Borealis as our logo. The trip was a kind of pilgrimage for us. Seeing the Northern Lights in person had been on our bucket list for a long time.

While we were there, the silence grew and became more entrenched, calling me into a state of deep Peace. I also felt called to examine my life’s true purpose and how I express my work in the world.

Like most major life transitions this journey started rough. Italy required me to call my Soul back from deep trauma of past history to become more whole.

In our own lives transition is often proceeded by heartache, upheaval, grief, frustration and distress. Often, we fight against it, resisting what is painful, difficult, and unknown. Once the waves that seemed to have torn apart all that we know have passed, there can be time for the silent reflection that will help us figure out how to embrace the changes inside of us.

When Fanny and I got to the Yukon Territory we were blessed with clear skies most of the nights, so the Aurora became visible. It felt as though these brilliant and pulsing waves of Light held a deep consciousness that affected me on an inner level. I started feeling a state of blissful, calm peacefulness that has stayed with me. Although we mostly experienced the Aurora standing outside in subzero temperatures, there was a tipi staffed with a fire and hot chocolate if we desired. We also could sit in the warmth of our glass fronted cabins and watch the natural light show that is the Aurora Borealis. Watching the luminous green glow in the night sky reminded me of how my connection to Divine Light has expanded and deepened over the years.

As some of you know, the path that started with a surprise visit in 1988 from Archangel Michael led me to a deep communion with Archangel Gabriel in 1990. My journey has taken me through many seasons in life, great losses leading to multi-dimensional wholeness. During that time, I’ve learned so much and have shared the messages from the Archangels with the world. I will never stop doing my best to bridge Heaven to Earth, but the way I do that seems to be changing.

Our recent March Equinox brought with it a calling for me to come out of my cave and begin to share the gifts of my Soul and the Archangels with you. There is also a calling to all who will heed it for us each to live at a higher vibrational level. Now is the time to live your purpose more fully and embrace the calling of your heart. And it is a perfect time to gather in dedicated groups for spiritual purpose and expansive growth.

One of the ways to bring Heaven to Earth is to raise your vibrational frequencies by living from your Soul’s imperatives to open to Divine Light as a flow of consciousness through your being. We all need to do that in order to embody our Divinity. It is up to each of us to own our own power and step into the divine wisdom within us.

My experience over the years has taught me that it is important to follow my internal calls.  I’m being called to embrace my place as an elder in the pure compassion of Divine Wisdom. It is my duty to use the array of experiences that I’ve had over my years on this planet to help as many people as possible. Divine Light working within me for 40 years is the driving purpose for my life and my passion to share.

You may have noticed that my website has changed, and some aspects of my work have changed. No matter how I transition over the span of my life, one thing will always remain that same: my desire to share the knowledge I’ve been given with you. From my Guru and then from Archangel Gabriel, I have learned so much.  I love using those teachings to help you in private coaching sessions, group classes, my new membership group and every other way I can support your transitions.

My website has changed.

I have changed.

Life has changed and there are new imperatives for this high frequency time that we can do together.

But no matter how much I change I will be here for you for as long as there is a call to gather with others who are also catalysts for change in the world.

I would love to share our journey of Light in these changing times.

Thank you for being the catalyst you are for blessing the world.  Namaste, Shanta

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