How to Nourish Your Soul

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Dear Ones,

Do you know that your Soul is nourished by your spiritual practice?

You are literally filling up your personal energy system with God’s love. You can even see it in your mind’s eye if you check in. With your imagination, look at your body as a sacred vessel that is empty and waiting. See how it changes before and after your spiritual practice. In your mind’s eye fill it like a vase of water and place the flowers of Love, Balance and Wellbeing into your sacred container. It feels so magical.

Nourishing your Soul is mandatory before you can care for others. You can’t offer to anyone else what you have not given yourself.

An active spiritual practice is only one way that you nourish your Soul. Creating an environment of Wellbeing within you includes doing what makes you happy. For most people a walk in Nature fills the cup of Wellbeing. It does not matter if it is beach or forest, desert or meadows. Natural places of water are especially rich in expanded light frequencies that nourish your soul. Many scientific studies show that trees feed the human body with nutrients that support healing and wellbeing.

Maybe singing nourishes you – alone or with a group, live or recorded music has also proven effective for soothing your soul.

In general doing things that make you happy is nourishment for your soul. God loves us to be happy. Strict aestheticism is not a prerequisite for your enlightenment. In fact it can constrict rather than nourish your enlightenment.

Filling yourself with Divine Light is literally En-lightening. It is a fast way to lift your spirit and expand your perceptions of life. And Light empowers God’s Love and Intelligence into your entire energy system. 

Divine Light is nourishing to your Soul.

Maybe movement is more suited to your Soul’s nourishment. A balance of stillness and movement can feed you wholeness in a special way. This is especially true when your movement is made into a sacred gift you give to yourself.

Eastern sacred movement, like Hatha Yoga or Qi Gung, studied for thousands of years, can lift your consciousness while benefitting your body. This nourishes your soul as many of these movements were designed to bring you the quality of stillness, quieting your mind in special ways while strengthening your body.

The feeding and nourishment of your Soul will make you happy. Your wellbeing will lift and nourish not only yourself, but the Souls of other people as well. You are important to the awakening of consciousness on the Earth that is happening at this precious time.

Know that you are being showered in God’s Grace and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
September 21, 2021

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