Harmony, Happiness, Health & Humor

My Own 4H Club

With my own version of what I called my 4H Club intention – Harmony, Happiness, Health and Humor -firmly in my heart, I recently made the first visit to my son and his family in two years. To say we have experienced historical issues is an understatement. The opportunities for forgiveness in our relationship have been rampant. The ongoing, thoroughly amazing polarity in our belief systems has also been upsetting to me at a very deep level in the past. Now it seems as though I can stand back emotionally enough to say that I have a clear microcosmic demonstration right in my own family of the differences in our country during these interesting times.

I started the trip by pre-planning my intentions and praying to the Overlighting Angel of our family, the one I know watches and assists in bringing us harmony. I also asked each of our guardian angels to intervene with Love and Understanding. I am not sure if we got to the second one but there was definitely love in the way each of us did our best to get along. Because I resolved to stay in my heart, and remember the “4 H’s” when I got stressed, I felt empowered. It only got really tricky in those times when my son channeled Rush Limbaugh, but then I suddenly made a lot of bathroom visits. The humor for me was centered around the fact that I was reading The Twelfth Insight, James Redfield’s new book about resolving religious differences and bringing true peace to the world. I noticed my son taking a look at the cover a few times when I left it in a shared space. In the past I had sent him copies of the Celestine Prophecy series in the hopes of creating harmonious connection until he asked me not to send any more. Neither one of us mentioned that in this trip.

I had hoped that I would be able to bring our seeming polarities to a more centered place, but the extremes of our differences in politics and religion were too far apart. Without an opening to listen to differing views, I did not feel like there would be room for me to maneuver – especially since no one asked what I thought! The best I could do was to try to build trust between us, and pray for harmony. I asked for the Light of Divine Love to be present in all our interactions, and did my best to stay centered in it.

Some might see my behavior as cowardly, and I would have agreed in my more vocal past history. I have been told that if you are quiet, people will think you believe as they do. I am not sure if this family was the slightest concerned about my belief systems because they feel the rightness of their own truth. In the same way, I feel strongly about my belief systems, and see the rightness in them. It would appear there was an impasse, although I was willing to have a discussion if an element of timing made it seem like a good idea. I ended up feeling that there was no space to interrupt the torrent of information by disagreeing. I knew there would not be an opening for an exchange.

The love I felt in my heart however was very real, and gave me a sense of a strong foundation to come back to within me. I found that for the first time, I could stay in the center of that love. It was an opportunity to pray for all the differing opinions and all the seeming polarities within the belief systems, not only in my family but also in this world. And I still feel hopeful that a way can be cleared for my own family as well. It is my prayer that love and peace prevail as we allow each other to live in our differences and seek a center of harmony to build from. We can all hold the vision of a world where this can be so.

May we all create a strong foundation of Divine Love in our hearts. And may all beings find a place of Harmony. Health, Happiness and Humor within themselves so the world can be lifted into a state of Peace and Divine Love. May it be so.

Shanta Gabriel
March 9, 2011

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