Happy Earth Day

Greetings from Mt. Shasta. It is easy to see the abundant beauty of our Earth when visiting a place like this – pristine lakes, flowing water, and beautiful forests in the shadow of a magical sacred mountain. The people here honor the majesty of the land, and continue to work to make this a place that is not only safe and beautiful, but to also create a legacy for future generations.

Do you remember the ad with the crying Indian from the 70’s?Ā  The link to YouTube is below. That commercial really affected my thinking back in the days when awareness was only beginning. It is not too late to honor our Earth as that which is in our sacred trust.

Originally submitted by volunteer editor Brandon W. Found on RETROvisionsā€™ YouTube Channel. Check it out, it is still worth seeing.

May all humans learn to honor their planetary home, and co-create an Earth that is thriving so all may live in Peace and Harmony.
Love to you, Shanta Gabriel

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