Dear Friends and Supporters,

Most of you know that I've been living and working in beautiful Mt. Shasta for the past 8 years. I've made many friends in this glorious place first known as the Base Chakra and now a portal of Light for the world. I know I was blessed to be here.

But on my birthday last month, I was given shocking news. I learned that the house I was renting would no longer be available starting mid-September. At first I felt dismayed. Worries began to flood in. Where would I go? Do I stay in Mt. Shasta, where there is a housing shortage and costs are high?

After calming down, I sensed that because the news came on my birthday, it felt like a special message, perhaps a gift that the Divine had something better in mind for me. Then to add to the intrigue, I immediately found a feather on my bedroom floor!

I began searching for places to rent. None were working out. I needed to remind myself about divine timing and not get discouraged.

Next thing I knew, my best friend of 45 years invited me to move into a cottage at her place on Martha's Vineyard. I love it there and couldn't be happier about making it my new home. I will be driving across the country in my 2002 Subaru starting September 15!

But there is still a challenge I'm working on. Because this change was unexpected, I don't have all the funds needed for my move and cross-country road trip.

So I'm reaching out to kindly request support for my trip as I'm unable to stay with family and friends en route due to COVID-19. Funds will also be used to help me get established in my new home.

Here is an idea of what the funds will cover.

--> Accommodation: $1000

3050 miles to drive from Mount Shasta to Martha’s Vineyard… 5-6 hours a day is what I can do at my age. So estimating 10 nights, at $100 a night for lower cost and safe motels en route.


--> Food: $300

10 days, estimating $30/day for food en route.


--> Vehicle: $1000

My car is a Subaru from 2002 and I've needed $1000 of work to make it road-worthy for this cross-country trip


--> Gas/Petrol: $400+

3055 miles from Mount Shasta to Martha's Vineyard, say 21 mpg, say $2.75 a gallon.


--> Miscellaneous: $1,300+

I need to purchase an ice chest, a waterproof tarp and other miscellaneous items for the trip. I have already been gifted masks, hand sanitizer and other supplies. Funds will also help cover a surprise dental emergency. A new crown is in the works before I leave Mt. Shasta.


--> Shipping: $1200+

30 boxes via UPS/USPS: work supplies, sacred objects, some personal items, winter and summer clothes.

All funds raised in excess of the $5000 goal will go toward helping me establish my new life on a new coast where I look forward to working and being in touch with you again.

As soon as I'm settled and established safely in my new home, everyone who contributes will be invited to an appreciation call via Zoom. Our call will include time to connect, plus an activation and meditation.

Thank you so very much for your gracious support!